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Wine Taste Test

Last week we had a few friends over for a wine tasting night. The system was simple:

Everyone was instructed to bring two of the same bottle of wine, from a Spanish speaking country, that cost less than $13 (each). When people walked in the door we took off the foil from one of the bottles and stuffed it into a brown paper bag that had a symbol on the outside. The bags were in a box so you couldn't see the symbol of the one you were using.

We had some palette cleansers (pigs in a blanket, cheese, bread, strawberries) and some coffee beans for smelling to clear the old nostrils. We then tasted each wine and had everyone rate them. The results are pretty interesting.

Symbol Average Ranking
Omega 2.58
House 2.38
2 2.25
Jester 3.79
(*) 3.92
1 4.13

So, these are presented in the order that the bottles were presented/rated.

Nikki's sister Bree came later and tried the wines and rated them all, but she drank them in a different order. Guess what...her rankings were almost completely different.

So, what could you conclude from this data? You could say that the wines that came later were really better. My conclusion is that the wines that came later were given an easier time because the testers tastebuds were pretty dead.

So, it's not really worthwhile in my opinion to present the names of the bottles along with the ranking. That, and I've already forgotten which was which.

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