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Yeah, I called you fat


I got an email a little while ago from an old friend Andy Skalet with the subject "Yeah, I called you fat" - an homage to the lyric from a Digital Underground song. Turns out he's traveling through South Asia with a friend and writing and taking photos the whole time. Great Stuff.

"The meat of the subject" so to speak

I got pretty tired while we were in the Netherlands hearing about how unhealthy Americans were all the while the speaker was spewing cigarette smoke in my face.

Now, turns out the French are having problems with weight as well.

I like how they are considering a tax on advertising of "non healthy food." Well, let's see, 10 years ago meat was bad and grains were good. Now, it's "low carb, high fiber" diets. Uh...exactly which diet craze is that tax going to promote? Perhaps the one that inspired the book French Women Don't get Fat

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Thank you for this because I

Thank you for this because I think it is so interesting that everyone is so willing to put blame on food distributors and advertisers. I'd like to see a book titled, "I'm fat, and it's your problem." let's see how that would go over.