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Travel History

Bonfils likes to know where I've gone and I keep forgetting. So, here it is:

Country Specific Location Departure Date Length of Stay
Netherlands Amsterdam, Hague, Utrecht 1/28/03 4 months
France Nice 4-15-03 1 week
Spain Granada Sevilla 6-10-03 4 days
Germany Koln 3-15-03 4 days
United Kingdom Birmingham, London 6-20-03 2 weeks
United Kingdom Birmingham 2-10-04 1 week
Mexico Los Cabos, Todos Santos (Baja) 4-10-04 2 week
El Salvador San Salv. Suchitoto, La Palma 6-20-06 5 days
Honduras Copan 6-25-06 5 days
Guatemala Antigua 6-30-06 5 days

More details of my travel history.

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