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digital nomad tip + rant: caribou coffee's 1 hour wifi limit

I'm currently working out of the Caribou Coffee at Colfax and 225. Don't ask why I'm in this part of town. But I am. They allow 1 hour of wifi access and enforce it by making you register an account based on an email which they then offer to send special coffee related news. I can't wait to get emails full of important coffee news...

Your account is limited to 1 hour. Fine. My 1 hour comes and goes and there are several interesting people still here:

  1. the girl studying her school work who had already finished her drink before I arrived. still taking up space.
  2. the annoying business meeting that is way too loud (especially about business - it should be confidential guys, get some class or your clients will sue your ass!) continues to run from before I got here until my hour is up.
  3. the middle aged woman reading her book is still reading her book.
  4. the same 4 tables that were emtpy when I sat down have remained empty the whole time

Now I understand some coffee shop wifi glomming etiquette. I got myself a piece of delicious lemon poppy bread ($1.87) and I tipped a dollar. If the place were full I would leave. But this is ridiculous to kill my wifi when they don't kick out all the other people who are abusing the comfortable space/light/Air Conditioning/etc.

Getting infinite hours of free wifi from Caribou

Given all that, I don't feel bad sharing this tip: use a new email address. Most hosts allow a [email protected] where the "wildcard" can be any text. That mail will still go to the [email protected] email address. I know for a fact that gmail and dreamhost use this system. So...use that system all day long for your free caribou wifi (as long as there's space for you and you tipped nicely). And don't feel ashamed, either!

Digital Nomad category

You may have noticed that this is tagged with digital nomad. It's a term for folks like me who work from a variety of places doing a variety of things in the technology world, eschewing the traditional work/career formulas for a more flexible life. (interesting digital nomad side note - the wind her is so strong that it blew some patio umbrellas three blocks down the road - I never knew Aurora was so scary in this way!) Given our impending world tour I figured it was time to create a tag for that topic since I will no doubt be writing more about it.

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