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Announcing Drupal Dashboard - Essential Information for Busy Professionals

If you liked the Drupal Digest, you've probably been sad the last few months wondering what happened. Well, Drupal Dashboard is finally here to fill in the hole that was left in your hearts when was usurped.

What is the Drupal Dashboard

It's a simple concept: if you try to pay attention to all the sources of information coming from Drupal you will quickly die of information overload. Instead, we will have a few people paying attention to these information feeds and then summarizing them for you. For now, there is a Important CVS Commit feed and an Important Module Releases feed. If you would like to add a filtered version of something (the development mailing list? please contact me. You can read more information about Drupal Dashboard like how it was built in the About Drupal Dashboard page.

My favorite tag lines for the Dashboard: "All wheat, no chaff" or "Essential information for busy professionals" or "We read everything so you don't have to." Yeah. If you notice any problems with the site I'd love to hear about those too - it's an infant still. There's plenty left on the todo list not least of which is "fix all bugs."

Drupal SEO Video Tutorials (and i18n and l10n and new features)

I recently did some SEO related videos and for one of them I needed a site that I could submit to Google webmaster tools, that's why I'm finally getting around to doing this now. But the important detail to note in that last sentence is that there are Video tutorials about SEO with Drupal. Following hot on the heels of the New Features in Drupal6 video is the New i18n and l10n features in Drupal6 video. On the MasteringDrupal site you'll also see a signup form, if you submit your email address you'll get a link to the SEO screencast series. I'm biased, but I feel that these are valuable additions to the growing body of videos that help new Drupal users become power users.

If you want to help promote the i18n and l10n videos - please digg away:

Well Worth the Effort

After showing it to him, moshe, the original builder/owner said

bless you, greggles.

That made the effort worth it for me!

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