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Drupal 7: Who is Providing Patches for the Next Release?

Quick update: this data misses out on any files added since Drupl 6.0 was created. With the new database and testing systems, that's a lot of files! So, these need to be updated to include that data...this still gives a good idea of people who worked on everything except for Tests and DBTNG

Let's face it: we're human and nothing gets our blood flowing like a little old fashioned competition. During the release of Drupal 6 I helped out to analyze the code and provide some statistics about the release. I published the method and the data that found some pretty interesting information:

  • There were about 206 contributors when measured this way
  • The top 10 individuals were credited in almost 40% of the patches
  • People who only were credited on 1 or 2 patches still provided just over 10% of the code for Drupal.

Recently someone asked me to run statistics again for Drupal 7 so far. Thanks to the very detailed nature of the fine Drupal 7 maintainers (webchick and Dries) the commit messages give us all the info we need to see who has been involved in the code that is ultimately committed.

Drupal 7 Contributors So far

So, who are the current leaders in the race towards making Drupal 7 the most tested and usable release? Here are the top 5 individuals. As you can see these 5 people were involved in almost 25% of the patches.

Name Patches % of total Cumulative %
catch 46 6.19% 6.19%
pwolanin 40 5.38% 11.57%
Damien Tournoud 35 4.71% 16.29%
Dave Reid 33 4.44% 20.73%
chx 31 4.17% 24.90%

Looking at the full data you can also see that people who were credited on 1 or 2 patches were involved in 25% of the patches and that we already have 206 contributors to Drupal 7! For the more visually inclined - a graph of users and the number of commits where they are credited:

Get Involved!

We're probably still pretty far from a Drupal 7 release, so this is just a mid-point update. There is still plenty of time to get involved and get your name into Drupal 7!

People Involved: