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Drupal Download Statistics for October

Continuing in the vein of statistics about Drupal here is a review of some interesting facts about Drupal module, theme, translation, and core downloads:

The top 5 downloads for 4.6:

drupal 3629
phptemplate 849
flexinode 370
taxonomy_menu 362
htmlarea 267

It appears that the xtemplate5.x problem is rather common for our users.

Top 10 modules for 4.7:

Module Downloads
tinymce 5127
image 4887
views 4057
cck 3088
event 2752
gallery 2685
acidfree 2398
ecommerce 2397
imce 2298
pathauto 1913
flexinode 1791

It appears people continue to love WYSIWYG, and photos.

Downloads by tag:

Tag Downloads
4.7 439049
cvs 27294
4.6 11190
4.5 234
5.0 46

To me this indicates that module/theme maintainers need to do a better
job of branching their modules especially when combined with the
following chunk:

Downloads by file type for CVS tag:

Type Downloads
Core 1316
Module 20621
Theme 4755
Translation 602

Drupal core cvs was downloaded only 1316 times - my guess is that most
development/testing checkouts are done via cvs and not recorded in
these stats. But to have such a disparity between cvs core downloads
and cvs module/theme downloads makes me believe that many module
maintainers are either not properly branching their code, or have set
cvs as the default download leading to mistaken downloads, or
something else not great.

Most popular themes for 4.7:

Theme Downloads
Amare 2421
multiflex 2339
andreas01 2301
andreas09 1677
arcmateria 1645

This strong bias towards the beginning of the alphabet could be a
coincidence, or it could be that people just try them out in order and
slowly stop trying.

Compared to the data from July:

4.6 4.7
June 6280 30077
October 3629 39855

So, 4.6 downloads are lower by half while 4.7 downloads are higher by
rate of 7%/month. Which would mean downloads in June 2007 would be
almost 70,000 if growth continues at the same rate.

Non-Downloaded modules

There were also some situations I found where directories in CVS
contributions weren't downloaded a single time in October. Since it
felt mean to point these out, I placed them into the Drupal for Evil

Microsummary Module!

Finally, there were 303 people who couldn't help themselves and
downloaded the amazingly useless new Microsummary module:

People Involved: