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ikea store locations in the US

This is a map of IKEA store locations in the US on 17th April 2006.

I uploaded this as part of my plea for IKEA in Colorado which I discussed more and about Ikea's store opening plans which are not terribly exciting.

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Build One: An IKEA

As a Colorado resident, I have submitted many requests to have Ikea locate in the metro area of Denver. Consider adjacent to the new, Southlands Mall that opened this past weekend, Octo 21st & 22nd. There is a boom taking place there, however it is not quite as convenient at the I-25 corredor. Perhaps north of the city, enroute to Ft Collins. Just some suggestions. Those of us who value your merchandise are tired of visiting you only when we travel out of state.

As you plan new stores,

As you plan new stores, think of southeast Florida (Fort Lauderdale area)...As a semi retired business person, I believe an Ikea store in this market would have instant success....

thanks for the feedback

Thanks for submitting the idea. It's important to note that while I'm not affiliated with IKEA I do believe that Websites are Conversations. And because IKEA doesn't provide a customer forum, people seem to come here to express their opinion on the subject since do allow comments.

Note to IKEA: create a user-centric website where customers can share advice on using your products. Visits to the website would help you estimate where you need to expand next. Duh.

possible location in Oklahoma

I think you should consider an Oklahoma location. Unlike many area the economy in Oklahoma remains strong, primarily due to the price of oil and gas. Home sales in our market are NOT down and employment is stable. Perhaps you should give the OKC market a strong look.


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Ikea Coming To Denver

GREAT NEWS IS UPON US!!!!! Ikea is set to announce today they will be building a store in Denver...please see today's article on 9News

Ordering a catalogue

I repeatedly have gone to your site wanting to order a catalogue for NE American (Penn would be the nearest). I never see any offers allowing me to order.

We Need an IKEA in South Bend, Indiana

South Bend is of course home of Notre Dame, as well as other colleges. We badly need an IKEA, and our nearest is about 2.5 hours away in Illinois. The market here in South Bend is sure to keep IKEA busy. Please consider building in South Bend!!!

New product idea

I have an idea for bathroom organization product, I have domne preliminary research and applied for provisional patent.
Would love to know how to contact IKEA for possible product idea sharing and development.

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