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Annual Report 2003 - 2004

Knaddison Annual Report

In our last annual report we wrote we were thinking about moving to Holland so that Greg could work on a project there. We decided to go and had a great time.

The Hague project was pretty standard. I've also gotten involved with CLUE which provides for some seriously geeky activities like RecycleIT. This past fall Connexn merged with Azure Solutions, a Telecom Software company which is expanding it's Revenue Assurance offerings. In the past 2 years, I moved from client implementations, to Quality Assurance, and now to Software Engineering. I've been learning a lot and having some fun along the way.

While in the Netherlands, I volunteered part time for the humanitarian organization Cordaid, which was a great opportunity to get involved and meet some Dutch people while being flexible enough to enjoy some local traveling and day trips. Shortly before coming home, I accepted a different position working at Human Services Inc. with a young adult program. I work with 16 to 21 year-olds, primarily young parents, as they strive to accomplish their education and employment related goals.


  • While in the Hague last year, we took lots of small day/weekend trips to places like Delft, Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Maastricht.
  • In April 2003 we took a trip with the Kneser parents and sister Lori to Nice. We spent 4 lovely days enjoying the hill-towns and museums, the food, and each other's company. Of particular note was the Matisse Chapel and Galerie Maeght.
  • We spent a long weekend in London walking around, seeing the Tower of London, a naked man running posing in front of of Buckingham, and eating twice at Masala Zone.
  • Perhaps our favorite trip was to Sevilla/Granada where we enjoyed the ever so tasty Moroccan influenced food, meandered through sunflower fields, and toured the Alcazar, Alhambra, and Albaicin.
  • August 18th 2003 we celebrated our 1 year anniversary in the same park where we got married, but it was pouring rain. Thank goodness 2002 was a drought!
  • Mid-November we went to Penn for Homecoming and met up with too many of our favorite people. Why does the East Coast have to be so far away?
  • April 2004 we celebrated another of Lori's birthdays in a foreign land. It was a lovely week in Cabo San Lucas with the Kneser family, mostly reading on the beach.
  • After getting married, our friends the McCormicks decided to take an extended honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii and were kind enough to host us for almost 2 weeks of pure fun in September.
  • We also had some great trips to visit Jessie (Jballs) Scott in Crested Butte and recently visited Jill Schmuhl and Mike Hawley in beautiful Durango.

In May 2003 Bree graduated from CU (great movie – high speed only). In July 2003 we made it home from the Netherlands just in time to welcome Lovéle Marble into the world. In November we were lucky enough to spend a weekend with Lori and her mans Clelio.

We celebrated many beautiful weddings these past two years, including Vicki Self and David Strand in Denver (the Strands), Clare Freckman and Todd Johnson in Denver (the Johnsons), Jess Allen and Tico Gangulee in New Paltz, NY (the Allulees),Kevin McCormick and Jessie Klocker in Dubuque, IA (the McCormicks), Sara Molinski and Dustin Gallegos in Denver (the Gallegos's), and Greg's cousin Eric Monsler and Nathalie Almaden in San Diego, CA (the Monslers).

Having lived on almost every side of downtown Denver, in April we purchased a house in Denver's Baker District. We are enjoying being homeowners (mostly) and our home's proximity to downtown, local bars and restaurants, our favorite yoga studio, and miles and miles of biking trails. So, now that we've got enough space for visitors, please come and stay with us. It'll be fun, promise!

We look forward to spending New Year's in Seattle this year with Todd, Brook, Travis Jo, Heather, Britt and hopefully Aly.

We hope that everyone is having great Decembers. Peace out, playa!

Greg and Nikki

241 W. 3rd Ave.
Denver, CO 80223

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