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Best Denver Tea Shop

My post about angies list kicked off such a storm of comments I figured I'd try it out again:

What is the best Denver Tea Shop?

Looking at the Fun Denver wiki there's not a whole lot of great entries under "Tea Houses" aside from the one on capital tea. So...what is the best place?

Please - add a comment and let me know your favorite Tea Shop in Denver.

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It looks like the this blog is not getting updated frequently. Moderator/Owner can you please address this issue.

on stellas and update frequency

First, Stella's has shitty wi-fi access and relatively rude wait staff. I go there when someone insists on it but generally try to avoid the place.

Second, I update the site when I want to. If it's not frequent enough for you then I suggest you find a new site to visit. And if I disagree with your comments I will delete them. It's not "censorship", it's my site and I'll do what I want to.

Seven Cups Teahouse

Have you checked out Seven Cups Teahouse on Old South Pearl? Free wi-fi, good hours, and the best tea in town, hands down.