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Best Monitor and Laptop Stand Ever - Ergotron Lx Dual Desk Mount Arm

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When moving into our new office space I really wanted to have a professional setup for the desks. Using these monitor/laptop arms helps regain desk space for papers, staplers, cords, and other desk junk. It also helps make sure that the monitor is at the right height regardless of my height.

Ergotron Monitor Arm - High Quality and Cheap

We ended up buying these ergotron dual monitor arms. In addition to a monitor, this gets the laptop up off the desk to the right (adjustable) height as well. The arm setup was easy to assemble (my big monitor required a slightly higher tension on that arm) and now it's very easy to adjust the arms up or down or side to side as necessary.

The price (a little over $200 each) is quite a good deal for such a high quality product. The laptop stand arm has two little hooks you can use to hold in the laptop, or some rubber strips or some velcro strips (I've repurposed those to hold my phone in my car). Overall, they provide way more parts than I needed, which I guess is good because it allows everyone to customize just as they want.

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Overall I am quite satisfied with the monitor arms. I can't believe I waited so long to get it.