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ADTI is $mart

Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, you ignorant sluts.

Ever been curious about the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution and what intellectually corrupt mental midgets they are? They consistently insult Open Source software and it's makers yet they personally run the Open Source FreeBSD software on their server and their web server is “unknown” but almost certainly Apache (also Open Source).

Note: when I first posted this story the link to the "makers" linked to a press release about a study they did which claimed that Linus Torvalds must have copied Minix code. This story has since become password protected...sorry. Maybe since nobody gave them credit - including Minix' authors - they tried to hide it?

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Two years later and ADTI is still spouting about FOSS as communist cancer while still running their server on FOSS.

I figured I should write them an perhaps solicit a little business.


I'm writing to inform you that the server for your website runs the FreeBSD operating system - one which is considered to be "Open Source".

Many of your Technology/IP articles seem to be opposed to "Open Source" software. Can you explain this apparent hypocrisy?

If you need assistance in finding a hosting provider that offers a closed source operating system I run a consulting company and would be happy to take on the job of recommending a hosting company for you.

Best Regards,
Greg Knaddison