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Adobe to Offer Productivity Software ("Office" Software)

So, it turns out that Adobe offering a productivity software is a total rumor, but in discussing it at lunch we came up with some great ideas...

If Adobe Made Productivity Software

  • It would cost $2500 and you'd have to upgrade every 2 years, but don't worry, your kid brother can get you an education copy for $250
  • It would take 3 minutes to boot up, but have a beautiful interface
  • Interoperability with Flash/PhotoShop/Illustrator would be great, but the files (minimum size of 300MB) would be a proprietary format that would be unreadable by other software.
  • Versions for Intel Mac wouldn't be available until two years after the general availability even though Intel Mac is the number-one target consumer

slightly more risque content after the "jump"

  • The Adobe Spread Sheet files would have a .ass extension which could cause problems with debugging (which requires dumping the .ass file) or with a "security hole in the .ass"
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