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MS Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

The person who touches the mouse the least is the winner.

My professor James Carpenter was probably my favorite professor in my academic career. He started many classes with a story, poem, nugget of business wisdom, and then dove right into Visual C++ without blinking.

He loved to tell the story about how we are all just cave men walking around with a bag of tools. We have rocks shaped for cutting meat from the skin of animals, certain rocks for grinding grains, and special clubs for finding wives. He talked about how the caveman with the most sticks and the most useful sticks would survive the cold winter. Of course the story translates into programming and life skills - and the sticks and rocks are the tools of modern man. Keyboard shortcuts are one of the tools I love. And since I (sadly) use Microsoft operating systems most of the time, it's useful to know these little puppies:
from the Microsoft article.

My new favorite: Windows + tab as a replacement to Alt + tab.

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