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I tried (really, I did) to find a list of sucky blog categories. I couldn't. So I'm making my own. Care to help create the list of sucky blogs? Add a comment or contact me. Of the categories I have so far, the "Nothing+Aggregator+Ads" is clearly the worst.

Steps to duplicate:

  1. Make a blog where you can easily post links
  2. Read news stories and other blogs and link to them
  3. repeat step 2

Example: I had a hard time finding one. Is that good or bad?
In his review of Ten Signs of a Cheap Blog Nick Wilson lists this as sign number 5.

Steps to duplicate:

  1. Make a blog where you can easily aggregate the RSS feeds of other sites
  2. Add in a certain popular genre of RSS feeds as the "content" with links to the originator
  3. Add in advertising
  4. Sit back and make money on other people's "work" (content)

Example: An aggregation of Googler's blogs

I noticed this relatively weak idea in Googler's Blogs because it's a new Drupal site and I keep track of some of those. Christopher Blizzard whose blog I read through the Planet Mozilla grouping pointed out a similar site. You may be saying, "how come the Googler's Blogs is bad but Planet Mozilla is OK?" Simple.
Planet Mozilla is grouped together by the people who make Mozilla and provides a useful service to people like me who want to read what's going on with Mozillas major contributors. They make no money off of it. It is part of a much bigger site which provides enormous additional value.

The Googler's blogs website provides no content on its own and merely groups together other information in the hopes of making some money. Further, the site itself is somewhat shady. Look for an "about us" or a "what we're doing with the profits". If this guy either 1) provided some original content or 2)donated net proceeds to charity or 3)gave some of the proceeds to the content producers then I would have no problem. But profiting from other people's blogs just feels a little slimy to me. That's especially the case when most people (many of the source Google bloggers included) don't state the exact copyright/copyleft of their material.

So, what other blogging "get rich quick" schemes are there in the world? And do these offend your conscience?

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