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Ways you can give feedback, ranked by usefulness

Below is a ladder of feedback, ranked by usefulness in ascending order:

Levels of useful feedback:

  1. Silence (i.e. not giving feedback)
  2. X is bad.
  3. X is bad because Y
  4. ...instead I suggest Z
  5. ...instead I suggest Z because Q
  6. ...instead I suggest Z because Q. I'm happy to help with that.
  7. ...instead I suggest Z because Q. I've already done some (or all) of the work.

Earning bonus points

Regardless of which level you're on, you can get bonus points by following some simple tips:

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Donate a Bike in Denver - Help Working Poor Without Feeding the Petro-Economy

Let's say that you live in Denver and you have an old bike that you're getting rid of. Or, let's say that you don't really like our petroleum-economy. Or, both! The solution is, frankly, quite simple: Derailer Bicycle Collective.

As you can read from their own website, the organization is based on the idea that

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Why I hate PayPal (why PayPal Sucks)

I've disliked PayPal for quite some time now, but today they really bit it. Extra hard.

Withdraw Money from PayPal - Don't Mess Up!

The other day I closed an account of mine that was the default account in PayPal. Then I went to withdraw some money. It, of course, went to my default account which doesn't exist anymore. I sent in a support request about trying to cancel the transfer which got the great response "withdrawals cannot be canceled". So, now what? Does my money just disappear? No response from PayPal.

Send money with PayPal - Just Kidding!

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Angies List Complaint - Yet Another Bit of Feedback

I got this email the other day and wanted to share it with y'all. The original author informed me that she was asking for a refund and was planning to cancel payment via her credit card company if Angies List didn't give her a refund.

Edit for clarity:They sent this to Angie's List customer support first and then sent a copy to me

People Involved: - what's the motivation behind the site?

Well, I didn't have any idea two months ago when I first wrote about that it would have quite such a strong reaction. There have been about 50 comments on the post and it has been growing daily. Yikes.

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