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The Ultimate Beer Pong Champion

While he looks too young to drink, you must watch out for this man and never ever play beer pong against him:

The other interesting thing to note here (so this post isn't completely devoid of pseudo-technical-intellectual content) is that a lot of folks are worried about censorship and how corporate ownership of the airwaves prevents publishing original/controversial content. The day that cameras become cheap enough, editing software easy enough, and movie distribution sites plentiful enough that this gets published I think it's fair to say that corporate censorship is largely not a concern. Part of cable+satelite+IPTV+TV-Over-Internet (aka the future of video) is that with so many delivery options we'll also get so many content choices. so, we can be sure that "watching the girl at hot-dog-on-a-stick-make-lemonade" will be possible even if the content companies want us to watch "Robin Williams cousin making bacon juice".

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