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Hiring Best Practices

I just want to compare two job posts.

Hiring the Wrong Way

The first, from craigslist will disappear in a few weeks, so I've copied the best parts here:

Drupal development, theming, writing and/or modifying modules
ZenCart module development & theming

...snip...If you are interested in contract work, you must be able to provide days and times you will be available. Ours is a fast paced, multi-tasking environment. If you cannot handle moving from task to task as needed, this may not be the best environment for you.

All candidates must take and pass a test to verify their skills.

Please email with the following information:
1) Resume
2) Samples of your work
3) If interested in permanent full time employment, date when can you start
4) If interested in contract work, what is your availability, i.e., hours and days available to work, what is your current availability
5) Rate your ability from 1 - 10, 10 being expert, on the following items:
PHP, MySQL, Drupal, ZenCart, JavaScript, Flash, Organization, Open Source customization.
6) Name your top 3 favorite open source applications

We are looking to fill positions ASAP

The skills they want - all in one person - basically never exist. When they do, you have to pay a premium for the genius that that you are getting. Good luck finding multiples of this person. Also, "modifying Drupal modules" is a bad idea so saying that you are looking for that is like saying that you want an accountant who is good at cooking the books.

US Employment law is tricky, but when hiring contractors you can't require specific hours from the contractor, so I'm pretty sure that they are breaking this law. Well done!

I also like the "fast paced environment" section and if you can't handle it go somewhere else. Translation: we'll give you one project that's "critical" and then slam you with another and an employee recently left because of this so to make ourselves feel better about it we're going to claim that it was a deficiency on his part and not a project planning problem. Right.

They expect you to send in a lot of things with your application and then once you've done that they'll give you a test. A test? I'm fine with that in general, but if you're going to make me go through all of this then your company had better be awesome -- which leads me to:

This company has no information about who they are. They have no information about why you should want to work there or why, once you are there, you'll never leave because you love it so much.

Hiring the Right way

pingVision is hiring. Our expectations of skills match the reality of combinations of skills that people tend to have. We like our company and think you will to, so we're letting you know who we are and a little about us. We get open source and we put our money where our mouth is.

Which Advertisement Gets the Candidate

So, in the modern service economy your brand, culture, and employees (all tightly related) determine the value of your company. It is hard to find good employees these days. The August 2007 Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment rate in Colorado is 3.8% 3.8%!.

If your job ad is going to bring in a low quality employee, what does that say about your company?

So, basically, "cluetrain manifesto meets the workforce and clued in companies win (again)".

PS If you read this and said "well, I'm interested in websites and I can't get a job" contact me. We'll sort it out.

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