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IKEA Colorado Set to Open Fall of 2011

This just in: The PR folks for IKEA just sent out an e-mail blast alerting folks that plans are still on track for a fall 2011 opening of the IKEA store in Centennial.

IKEA 2009 Plan: it will be a while

Back in 2009 I gave a Construction on IKEA update that was a little depressing. And it seems like that still rings true.

From the e-mail this morning:

IKEA announced that contractors have been hired and a site-work permit
is pending for its future Denver-area store. This progress allows for a
Fall 2011 grand opening in Centennial, Colorado will be no earlier than Fall 2011.

Fall 2011 IKEA Opening in Centennial Colorado

But, it seems that they've hired folks and are getting final permits to get the show on the road...

Saunders Construction as the construction management firm. Other Colorado firms involved with this future IKEA store include: CLC Associates for civil design; Kimley Horn Associates as traffic consultants during the approval process; Ground Engineering providing environmental analysis and geotechnical services; Otten Johnson Robinson Neff & Ragonetti serving as local counsel; real estate brokerage firm Legend Retail Group assisting IKEA in the site selection process; Geothermal Systems of Colorado installing the geothermal component, and Miller Global selling the land. Atlanta-based GreenbergFarrow is architect responsible for store design, site planning and construction documents.

The actual clearing and prep of the site will start "soon" - I'll definitely try to get some photo evidence of the progress. As they say, it's not started until it's actually started. Given the long history of attempts at progress in the state I really hope this is finally a true start but it may not be.

And really, Fall of 2011 is still pretty far out. From where I sit that's a year and a half, just like I stated in the construction update I posted a few months ago. I'm not sure I can really wait that long to make my purchases and may need to fly to Utah and drive back.

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thank you for keeping up on this

Thank you for keeping up on this. Moving back here from the East coast I've been missing Ikea, although we never went a lot but there are some sorts of things that just aren't available anywhere else.

IKEA Centennial is underway!

I drove by the site a week ago (I'm obsessing over IKEA, can't wait for it to open) and there was already sitework being done... Saunders had a couple of trailer/offices set up and there was excavating/land-moving equipment onsite. So there's something going on, yay!


i like ikea, but they are always so far away, i'm glad they are building more. i went there the other day and got shorted some pieces, and it was a hefty drive back to get the parts.