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To "boje the sequence" - to mess up

I went on a month long backpacking trip when I was 16 with an organization called NOLS. It was good fun and I learned quite a bit

My trip leader was Laura Ordway and she had this great phrase:

Boje the sequence

When you "boje the sequence" you messed up. You did something in the wrong order, or didn't do a step, and it has effects on other steps in a process. I'm not sure whether part of the definition includes that it's friendly, or if that was just Laura's way, but it's something you can say to a friend who has messed up and it has an undertone of "It's OK, I'll help make it right". I looked around and didn't see that on the internet, so I thought I'd include the knowledge here in case anyone else needs a good phrase like this.

Yay WRW61394!

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it's probably "bodge", which is a inventive temporary fix by people who don't have the right equipment to hand.

perhaps bodge

but isn't bodge pronounced with a short O? The way she said it was with a long O. So, maybe it's just a mispronunciation (on purpose) or maybe it's just hilarious Laura fun.

I know, who such Laura

I know, who such Laura Ordway! It was acquainted with her personally, shocking woman! :)