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Trader Joes and In-n-Out - Missing in Colorado

So, someone mentioned among my complaints about the lack of Ikea in Colorado that we also are missing Trader Joe's - a west coast mainstay for low cost, high quality shoppers.

Trader Joes in Colorado

My understanding of the issue is that the owners of Sunflower Markets called up Trader Joe's and said "hey, are you guys coming to Colorado?" and after getting a negative response decided to open Sunflower Markets in south Denver. We also have Wild Oats which is a little pricier than Trader Joe's, but relatively worth it.

In-N-Out in Colorado?

Along the same lines, I love In-N-Out in California for their burgers and I wondered why we don't have one. In the case of In-N-Out, my understanding is that they are a privately owned business that is not interested in external financing or in franchising. They just grow from their own profits so they have only covered the Southwestern USA so far. Now, in Denver we've got Good Times which is not the same as In-N-Out, but in some ways it is better (spoonbenders, custard) and they have many similar values (freshness, natural beef).

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You seriously cannot compare

You seriously cannot compare Good Times to In-N-Out Burgers. The similar values is that Good Times ripped off In-N-Out's ideas. That's all I got to say.

How about taste - will you

How about taste - will you give me that they at least taste similar?

The similar values I see are that Good Times uses natural beef. That's nice.

Absolutely no comparison.

Absolutely no comparison. In-N-Out was declared one of the best burgers in the country....don't think Good Times was anywhere on that list.

Trader Joe's

Due to a skin condition, I drive 225 miles one way to Tradere Joe's 2-3 times a year for its natural laundry, dish, skin and hair products. I cannot buy these items locally. Infortunately; Trader Joe's doesn't ship.

That's crazy. I have some

That's crazy. I have some friends and family who live near trader joe's. I'd be happy to put you in touch with them and I'm sure they could ship it to you.

What products do you get at Trader Joes

My daughter has developed and allergy to shampoos and soaps. We have tried so many here. What products do you buy at Trader Joes. I am heading to one in a few weeks and would like to know what has worked for you.

Good Times vs. In-N-Out Burger

I just moved to Denver for the Bay Area (San Francisco). I've been to Good Times once, and that was enough for me. GROSS, and not even close to In-N-Out. It lacks the freshness that In-N-Out does.

Good Times vs. In-N-Out

Funny, I thought just the opposite. Tried In-N-Out and thought it was positively one of the worst burgers I have ever had. Greasy, nasty, foul. Couldn't finish it.

Don't think so. In-N-Out is

Don't think so. In-N-Out is the best burger ever. When we travel in Arizona and California -I eat one a day, at least. Love love them and their cheerful service and their clean clean property.

Wild Oats and TJ's are not

Wild Oats and TJ's are not the same at all. TJ's has their own items that are actually really inexpensive. Their milk products are half the cost of Wild-Oats and their specialty items and wine selection rock. They are not a full service supermarket, so you need to still shop Whole Foods/Wild Oats for other little items. The thought of living without TJ's is a serious part of the decision to move or not move to CO. I wish they would just come and open a store!!


Yes, TJs could sell full liquor at one location in Colorado, like Cost Plus does. It would have to be caged and they couldn't sell on Sundays, but they could do it. And I go to a TJs in PA on business trips and due to state laws there, they sell no alcohol. I'm more concerned about everything else they sell, although the cheap wine is a plus!


I'm from So Cal, and as I've looked into this, I've been told that because In-N-Out does not freeze anything, and everything is delivered fresh, they won't build any stores outside of an 8 hour drive from any of their meat-packing plants. The farthest I've seen them outside of California is Vegas and Arizona. I went to ASU, and I looked into buying a franchise there to open by the campus. It would make a killing. Soon after I graduated, they opened one, but it's true about being a privately owned company. They will not sell a franchise.

There was a burger place in Parker called Burgers N Sports that opened a few years ago, and it was In-N-Out Burger down to the selling of the t-shirts. The burgers were the same, different names, and the fries, the boxes, everything the same. Even red and white for their theme, but no yellow. Rich "Goose" Gossage helped open it, but they actually got sued by In-N-Out. Old School Burgers settled the suit and took it over. Apparently there is another one on Hampden and Santa Fe, but I haven't tried it yet. I just found out about it. I did try a burger from Burgers N Sports though, and it was as if I was transported back to Cali. So if Old School is still doing them that way, I'd head over. In fact, I may tonight!

I've also heard that Crown Burgers in Denver is pretty darn amazing. There's a great burger article talking about all of this if anyone is interested. Here's the link:

Old School Burgers vs. In N Out

As an In N Out customer for more than 20 years, I can truly say that Old School Burgers is as close as I've ever had around the country to matching INO's taste and freshness. Someone told me their owner (or someone high up) had formally been near the top of the In N Out company. It shows!

The new player in town is Five Guys Burgers and Fries but - while they are a good, sloppy burger in their own right (and famous on the east coast) - only Old School Burgers come close to the magic of In N Out!

No Trader Joe's in Colorado -- OMG!!

Im am a native Southern Californian and just move to Loveland Co, I am taken with the beauty and friendly people in this place. The only thing that puts a damper on things is no TJ's! I never realized how attached to the store I was. I can live without In-and-Out, but its hard to part with TJ's. My sister is visiting me here in a couple weeks... so I'll have to get her to bring me supplies! sniff sniff :( Anyway, that's how I found this site... looking for TJ's... BTW, IKEA is buiding a store in Colorado - scheduled to open next year! Yay!

Wild oats

I too had always wished that Trader Joe's would come to Colorado, but I am not sure they will in the near future.
I really do not know if there is any validity to these theories, but this is what I heard:
Someone told me that they will not come to a place where liquor cannot be sold on Sunday , also TJ's doesn't like the competition with Wild Oats, Whole Foods as well as Sunflower Markets... Thank you.

I'll ship

Hi! Just started my shipping biz shipping only TJs to unfortunates living w/out Trader Joe's. Only nonperishables, no glass. Give me a shout and I'll get you in touch w/ my web site which should be up in about 2 weeks.
Take care,

wine ..

no glass, i take it means no wine ??
thanks for a response ...

Trader Joe's & In-N-Out

(1) Re TJ's: I thought they were saying no, no, no because of the ban on selling alcohol in grocery stores. If that's accurate, I know how I am voting the next time THAT questions/initiative comes up! (2) Re In-N-Out: I heard someone saying that she thought they were building/opening one in Denver on Sheridan between 17th and 26th (I guess that's the Edgewater side, not the Denver side). I have yet to check that out.

Trader Joes and In-N-Out

The laws about liquor and wine have now changed and I think Trader Joes would be able to open in CO and do business as usual. As far as In-N-Out is conserned I would love to have them here and no Good Times is not comparable but 5 Guys Burgers and Fries is and they have opened at least three locations in the Denver area---try them out!!

Five Guys vs In-N-Out

Five guys is good but not as good as In-N-Out and way over priced, In-N-Out is better and cheaper. The real problem is not only the fact that theres no In-In-Out in Colorado, the real issue is that theres no great food of any kind in Colorado. Don't even get me started on the horrid Mexican food smothered in so called green chili which just some kind of hot enchilada sauce to hide the fact that the food has no flavor...


Hey there is also a great place called Drifters in Colorado Springs. They taste quite a bit like In N Out. Not exactly the same, but really good. Fries are also different, but good. Try it sometime for your In N Out fix :)