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Logitech VX Nano - Perfect Smal Mouse (Mac Support Too)

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I got this mouse after my aging wired mouse started making weird clicking noises and I grew tired of cleaning out the ball of my trackball. Phew.

Review of the Logitech Nano mouse

So far I love everything about it. It has a lot of buttons which suits me perfectly: the more buttons the less I have to use modifier keys or point at a specific part of the screen to get the "back" button.

The USB receiver is so absolutely teeny tiny that it is easy to forget you even have it plugged in (aside from the fact that it takes up a spot in the USB receiver). Glorious.

Don't Make me Think: by Steve Krug

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This is a pretty solid book. It was recommended to me by a lot of people that I respect so I figured I had to read it. As a bonus, it's quite short. As a minus, it probably could be a lot shorter! Which is ironic since Krug prides himself on having eliminated all needless words.

Regardless, it was great. Especially the chapter about guerrilla usability testing has inspired me to do more of that...


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