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Golf Courses, Experience, and Reviews along Colorado's Front Range with Ryan Sevier

A good friend and former coworker of mine, Ryan Sevier, has been a golf nut as long as I've known him. The way that I covet a chipotle burrito Ryan loves golf. We worked together writing software to solve problems for telecommunications companies (which he still does...). He's realizing that a great way to find personal happiness is to combine his love for golf with his career. While it's a long road to get there, Ryan is starting down the path of becoming a PGA Pro and finding other ways to get more involved in the golf lifestyle. To help him share that story with others and keep track of his progress we created Colorado Golf Life.

Colorado Golf Course Listing, Scores, and Golf Blog

The site currently has the facility to record golf courses with address information, par, and an indication about the cost of the courses. Possible future additions would be images with maps of the courses and tips about how to play specific holes. Currently it just has two courses, but obviously that number will increase as Ryan plays more places.

There's also the facility to record golf round information so that as Ryan goes back to Indian Tree Golf Course over the years he will be able to track his progress (or lack thereof!).

And of course there's got to be a blog for him to express his thoughts on golfing and also any news about the site.

Technology Involved in Colorado Golf Life

The great thing to me is that this whole site came together in about 3 hours last weekend. Ryan and I discussed the idea, I built a few features, more discussion, more tweaking, and it was done. When your needs are well suited to the tool (and the tool is such a great one) then it's amazing what can be achieved in a short time.

Images courtesy Flickr CC-BY from PhotoPJ and Shayan (USA)

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