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Why Angies List Sucks

Note: "sucks" is a pretty strong and immature word, but it's the word to use online when you think someone has a bad idea. So, if that's off-putting, get over it. Or start a "sucks sucks" site.

Recently I was asked what I thought of Angie's List. Frankly, I had no idea. I was told it was a pretty neat list that has good ratings of local retailers. The idea is that you are looking for advice on a company to hire for a service (e.g. car repair) so you check Angie's List and see the advice and ideas of other users who have used the site. It's basically like Better Business Bureau, City Search, or one of thousands of other local directories. Many of these directories are broken: biased reviews, paid inclusion, incomplete information, etc. This is where Angie's List claims to be different. They use "only" consumer generated content and require a "small fee" to keep the reviews unbiased.

Here's a bit on the policy:

Consumer support means it's honest: Companies don't pay to be on Angie's List. Only Angie's List members report on the companies they've hired. View the list of services rated in your area. Additionally, members make sure the ratings are clean and honest by supporting Angie's List. They pay a MEMBERSHIP FEE because we work for them (not the contractors) to keep the list growing with the most accurate information about the companies in their area.

Why This Angies List Policy is Dumb

Let's say that I'm a consumer. If Angie's list charges me $5/month I have to get a lot of value out of the list for it to be worth that membership fee. They have millions of customers though, so apparently it's compelling to some folks. Let's say that I'm the business owner, though. If I can create a fake email account and use my home address (or my neighbors address) so that Angie's List doesn't know who I am, then $5/month is a pittance for being able to enter a review of my own business.

So, their whole "we charge a small fee to keep the reviews honest" thing doesn't work for the stated policy, but it sure does help them bring in revenue without worrying about advertising.

Paid Position/Advertising on Angie's List?

Here's the worst part - after your company gets added they contact you and say something like "your company has been added and reviewed. If you'd like you have an enhanced listing you can pay us for that."

So the whole "we are acting in our members best interests" thing is bullshit! They have one interest in mind: their own.

The Review Problem is Real

The thing is - it's really hard to run a review site. Really hard. Getting valuable metrics is difficult. How does each user know if they should be trusting the other users of the site. Angie's List's paid membership program clearly doesn't make sense (though it may work than other current options). So, what's the future? Fortunately, it's the online corollary to the system you already use in real life: you ask your friends and colleagues via social bookmarking that helps guide you to the best local plumber. This is the clear way to solve the problem in the future.

Sorry, Angie's List. You could implement these features in your site, but don't pretend that the $5 is for anything other than your own pockets.

Edit: For an update and details as far as why you have to login to write comments see update post

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Angie's List

Yes, your use of the word "sucks" in realtion to Angie's List is STRONG and full of your own apparent biases! Although a service business could circumvent Angie's List check and balances on occassion it would ultimately be short lived if they weren't providing top notch service in the long process. Why? Because any other member that used that service would certainly post their own review of their own particular experience. In addition, Angie's List only allows one review per service customer per every six months and you must be a current paid subscriber (and not just the $5.00 a month as you allude to). Personally, my husband and myself have used it on the recommendations of friends and have had nothing but great experiences with it. It's ironic that you should condemn Angie's List for being a for profit organization. Might I ask what line of business you are in? Is your company in business to make a profit? Go Figure! Nevertheless, Angie's List fills a real void in selecting a service company and we look forward to their continued success and profitability!


Jenny Gray

some responses


Allow me to respond.

Yes, your use of the word "sucks" in realtion to Angie's List is STRONG and full of your own apparent biases!

It's the standard word for this kind of a review, so it is you who needs to get over it. It's not a bias, it's a standard. Welcome to the interweb.

Although a service business could circumvent Angie's List check and balances on occassion it would ultimately be short lived if they weren't providing top notch service in the long process. Why? Because any other member that used that service would certainly post their own review of their own particular experience. In addition, Angie's List only allows one review per service customer per every six months and you must be a current paid subscriber (and not just the $5.00 a month as you allude to). Personally, my husband and myself have used it on the recommendations of friends and have had nothing but great experiences with it.

Then they should state those details in their policy (I didn't find those details and I spent a fair amount of time tryint to review the site).

That's great that you've had good experiences with the site. My point is not so much that the site gives bad recommendations, but that their policy is not logically sound and can easily be gamed. Once a service becomes big enough and popular enough, those with a business interest will game it even if the policies worked fine when the service was smaller (see DMOZ and Wikipedia for example).

It's ironic that you should condemn Angie's List for being a for profit organization. Might I ask what line of business you are in? Is your company in business to make a profit? Go Figure!

I don't condemn them for being for-profit. I condemn them for providing an illogical reason for the $5 fee while ignoring a perfectly logical one. If they had said "we charge this small fee to run our service and reduce biased reviews" then I'd have no problem with the explanation (except that it doesn't work as well as a system like lijit).

Nevertheless, Angie's List fills a real void in selecting a service company and we look forward to their continued success and profitability!

Absolutely they do and I hope that they can improve their model (and their honesty).

Angie's List and why it sucks.

I happen to agree but for a very different reason. I can't access it. Not contact, Tips, Faqs or any other part of the web site can I view which leads me to conclude it was written for PC users only. I use Mac

Additionally I live in SW Missouri which is an easy 200 miles from the only Missouri towns on Angie's List pull down menu: St Louis and Kansas City. When I enter my area code the town that pops up is a farming community of approximately 250 persons that is located between our two County seats - a total of 100,000 persons or more - and 90 miles from the largest city in SW Missouri, population 300,000 and growing.

Unless I am driving to KC to gamble, or St. Louis to purchase skin care products Angie's List is of ZERO use to me. I ablsolutley guarantee the next time I need home repar I will not hire a conatractors in either of the cities in Angiels List menu, but I will ask my neighbors for the name of a LOCAL contractor. .


Angie's list is heavenly

Thanks for the insight on useless information. I'm a contractor on Angie's list and pay them nothing. I don't even see my profile but keep receiving gracious customers based on my original report write up. When I get a lead from a homeowner it's like i'm they're brothers friend whom they trust and have no problem hiring me. When I do get hired I don't skip a beat since I can get written up. In fact I'm on my best behavior with a fair price and even pet they're animals. The only complaint which i can say they "SUCK" is that I don't recieve as many leads as they're competitor Servicemagic. 20% of my business comes from service magic although 1/2 of the leads are bogus or hard to get to since they are given to 3 other contractors. I do have bad comments made about me on service magic which have since been lost in the amount of good comments but you can't help what trashy people will say about you just because they can and some uneducated people who don't ask questions about your service will just assume they're screwed over and write a bad review. I pay service magic about $600 per year and recieve about $3,000 worth of work not to mention referrals, so it's worth it to me. I get a lead from Angie's list every 6 months which turns into a job which is only $650 worth of work. As far as what others have to say from a customer standpoint, $5 is not much to spend for a 3rd party piece of mind you can get from an unbiased source. They do ask us to advertise but there's no link between good reports and advertisement. Actually good reviews for contractors typically show that they're too busy to get to you since they're in high demand which I've seen from ordering contractors myself on my home.

Angie's List Sucks Sucks

I'm a contractor that was referred to this list by a friend. I looked into the service and joined it as a consumer. It seemed like a great idea. The contractors seemed to not be able frame their side of the story without the customer first giving theirs. This is great. I saw so many companies out there that touted themselves as Mother Theresa and you look them up on BBB and they have issues. It seemed like a site that companies couldn't pay to play. It seemed to be a place that the customer had the power to frame the site which would weed out the bad ones. I started talking to my new customers about it and one of them joined and wrote a review. This is where things got bad. Immediately an Angie's List salesperson called me and told me about an enhanced service. She told me that the more reviews you get the higher on the list you are but that you could pay to get closer to the top of the list. I knew that we did a good job and if we could get business from Angie's List it would grow because those customers would fill out a review and we would grow getting closer to the top. With the top of the list filled with 10 paid contractors and the unpaid ones way down the list, I couldn't see getting any looks unless I paid. I spoke to the Salesperson about signing a 6 month contract because I didn't want to get stuck in a 1 year contract, it not work and not have any options. I wanted to see how it went. The salesperson told me that I had to hurry because of a deadline and so she faxed the contract. I signed it and faxed it back. After six months and a lack of a return on my investment, I was looking forward to the payments stopping. Another payment came out and so I called to get a refund and make sure they canceled the service. At this time they told me that I signed a 1 year contract. I had to look at the contract that I signed and saw where it did say that it was 1 year. I got the bate and switch and it turns out that the salesperson no longer works for Angie's List. Their response was that they didn't believe me and that they recorded the conversations. I told them to look into it because it would reveal that all of my conversations would show that I specifically expressed an unwillingness to sign a 1 year contract. The account manager said that he would look into it and get back to me. He never did. I finally called him and he told me that the conversations seemed to back what I said but that his boss and his bosses boss said that I signed a contract and that I'm stuck with it. Wow. That doesn't sound like the Angie's List that they seemed to be portraying themselves to be. I wonder what their subscribers would think if contractors did pay for positioning and that Angie's List actively work to get customers to write reviews of the paying contractors. Now the site isn't customer driven. The customer is along for a ride and the contractor is able to manipulate the outcome. This seems to be at least dishonest. Angie's list isn't for everyone. I wouldn't pay for this service again. Not because it's not a good return or a return at all on investment but because they are dishonest and they are more interested in their own profit than their customer's success. It's at least a huge conflict of interest to have a customer pay and a company pay. I'm going to have to watch money come out of my account month after month until this contract is month. I haven't had an inquiry in 4 months. That Suck Sucks!

Angies Preferred Placement Cost

Great info, So how much did Angieslist Preferred Placement cost as the contractor? I've considered this option. As an architect, it's important that the leads are actual customers and not just people looking for free ideas.

It's over $400 a month and

It's over $400 a month and you have to make sure that you have people write you up or it's worthless. I didn't get enough results. It might be better for an architect but if there is no return there is no future.

Angies List

What a major slandours outfit they are. When they tried to "sell" me their services I went on line at their request and checked out 4 posts on my company. Three were positive and 1 was way negitive, as it turns out they were some disgruntled customers that didn't get their way and took it out on me on Angies List. Even after I provided proof from the BBB about this customer they still refused to remove the negitive post. When the "salesman" called back to close the deal I climbed his rear end and told him he was a man with no honor and if was standing in front of me I'd ask him to step outside to "settle up". He was confused as to why I was so upset, after all I had 3 excellent posts. He just didn't get it. To this day they(as far as I know) still haven't removed the negitive posts. Check out Rick's Heating and Air in Chesapeake VA, I haven't even had a legit complaint in over 3 years. The sad thing is you can't do anything to Angies because they didn't actually make the post, their customer did and they are imune from lawsuit. Ain't that nice.

Reply to Rick

I just happened to bumble across this website today and read Ricks comment and I would like to say this.For twenty years I was in the home improvement and remodeling business (now retired; and this was long before any Angies List thing; for that matter it was before the internet!) but although most jobs and the people you dealt with were fine, and the job went without incident, I can guarantee you that in that type business you WILL occasionally wind up working for some of the biggest NUT CASES on the planet. What a scary shame for contractors today that these (few) nuts have access to a thing called the internet.
I used to always say...all you ever hear about are the crooked never hear about the crooked people we sometimes wind up working for.
Ask any contractor....they all have their "crazy client" stories; and the shame of it is, they can slander your business on this very public internet.
I don't really know anything about this Angies List thing, but I think I've got the drift of it; my question do they know that they are not just dealing with some disgruntled nut? And then giving that disgruntled nut the power to slander an honest business?
Hang in there Rick...most people are smart enough to read between the lines!
Signed, Glad I'm retired and from an earlier generation!

AMEN Brother!

I have a friend who really got nailed on Angie's List because of a psycho customer. He didn't even do the work for them, just told them what they needed done. They found someone else that convinced them that a shoddy job was good enough at half the price. This psycho then wrote a review on Angies List and trashed my friend's business. He has a "D" rating and that is his only review. Angie's List won't do a thing for him either!

Un dude, just create a fake

Un dude, just create a fake account, pay the 5 bucks and give your friend's business an A. It's not rocket science.

Same thing happened to me

I am in the lndscaping business and a guy called me to take a look at his yard to clean up some downed tree limbs from a storm. I took a look at the job and gave him a price. Mind you, I am a fully licensed, insured landscaper AND I carry workers comp for my day labor. Well apparently this guy found someone else to do the work for half the price. He left a D review on Angies list for my business even though I did no work at all for him. How screwed up is that? The price is the price, and if you don't like the price find someone else. Angies list allows angry, vindictive people to take out their own personal frustrations on businesses who do not deserve it. I have an A+ BBB Rating with no complaints ever. BBB will arbitrate all matters if needed, something Angies list could learn from. Might clean up their act a bit.

BBB sucks at least as bad

I had a legitimate complaint, filed it with BBB along with documentation, the business just denied it, and they still have an A+ with BBB. BBB never performed any kind of investigation. This was of course a paying member. BBB isn't always as kind with businesses that aren't paying members.

I am a paying member of the

I am a paying member of the BBB and there was still an investigation done when a customer filed a complaint. It was dismissed because the customer was out of line and wrong but there was still an investigation.

BBB Sucks more

The BBB is engulfed in a huge pay to play scam. When it comes to ratings, I wouldnt trust them as far as I could throw 'em. If you have a low grade due to a complaint, even if its resolved or the only one, the grade can only be raised by paying almost $500. Once asked, if you refuse to pay for a better grade (for any reason) they lower your grade. While Angie's list is surely for profit and any such website can be manipulated by people who loophole the system, they seem to do the best possible to assure this doesnt happen. They require all relevant information (name, address, etc) to make sure you are a real person (with matching credit card information or bank info), no review can be done anonymously, they do not allow you to report on anyone more than once every 6 months, and all reviews are reviewed before even being allowed to be posted (sometimes they call the number you give them to discuss your review to ensure this) . If a "nut job" posts a complaint then you are given an opportunity to respond to both the list and the consumer. If you prove them to be falsely or maliciously posting, the review will be removed and so will they. If its a real complaint then once you resolve it, which Im sure the majority of contractors would, he negative report will be automatically given a B since you fixed the issue. The original report, your resonse, and the updated report will show unless the consumer chooses to remove it. As for paying for being at the top of the list, they state in the FAQ that they do that.

                             Angie's List has several search settings. There is a search setting that will return profiles that have 
                             coupons/discounts first, but members can choose not to display these results.

                             This search option doesn't change the grades the company or professional has earned, and they cannot pay to 
                             show up at the top of the List for every search under any setting.              

Nothing is perfect but it seems like they try their best.

Opinions and Reputation

After reading all these reviews up to this point, there is one conclusion that comes to mind...that is to me...These are all opinions that are biased in one way or another and to who's benefit...conclusion......the people whom write these reviews are strangers and not friends or associates whom are considered trusted ....therefore the only real references you can hope to obtain would be through the aforementioned (friends and associates whom can be ,,TRUSTED) word of mouth... And the hope that you the contractor care enough to make this reputation in your community ....

true experience with BBB

BBB: I had a personal experience with BBB I had 2 witnesses to the situation and 3 people from BBB to represent their client. .The lead lady of the three indicated that I made an excellent presentation. Several weeks after the meeting and not hearing .from BBB called BBB a on the phone and all I heard was this person screaming at me . Whenever I see BBB LOGO it turns my stomach. I lost hard earned $ money big time. some day hopefully I will be more detailed.


You cannot "PAY" to raise your letter grade with the BBB. Every complaint made, If any show for 3 YEARS , YES YEARS ,
Resolved or not. Everyone one starts with an A+ AND ITS UP TO YOU TO KEEP IT . Every complaint , legitimant or Not lowers your letter grade even if resolved or dismissed. So if you start with an A+ and someone complains that you did not do this or that then your grade AUTOMATICALLY DROPS to an "A" GRADE even if its ruled in the businesses favor. The only way to raise your letter grade is to go 3 years with out ANY complaints Justified or Not.
Its really easy not to get ANY complaints. Thourogh Binding " word for word contracts " are the only way.
And always , yes always put the occassional cheap hard to please Customer " Generally Senior Citizens" above profit.
Referrals are the best advertising still Today. Keep them happy and they will give out your name. Make them MAD and they will give out your name just not the way you were hoping.

Uh no.

Angies list has removed us from the top with our good grades because we would not give them 400/month to be at the top. It's all lies. We were sold on get good grade reviews and get to the top. But that has changed now you have to pay to be at the top. I have it in writing.

I agree with you about the

I agree with you about the BBB....same as you, I had a legit complaint a witness to back my complaint and the company denied any wrong doing and the BBB, without investigating took the company for its word and dropped my complaint.

Just wanted to note that if

Just wanted to note that if someone didn't actually have you do work for them, their rating doesn't "count" as much in your overall score as someone who actually hired you.

The POINT is.

The important thing here is that if you do NOT have someone work for you, you should not be able to rate them AT ALL. That is like rating a doctor you NEVER used. And you should not be allowed to do it. Any list can call and confirm if work was actually done.

Yes, yes, and YES! I

Yes, yes, and YES! I whole-heartily agree with you! Our home improvement business was started with my father-in-law 30 years ago. Never had the "crazy wackos" like now! And Angie's List gives them access to bad-mouth good, reputible companies. Several months ago, we completed a large project for a couple. We had 3 crews working on this project because she wanted it done ASAP due in part to her having cancer. We completely understood and went right to work and finished the project before our deadline! There was a couple times she changed her mind about items she previously chose. Not a problem! We walked away feeling pleased with our work. She even commented how much she liked the workers! Next thing we know, she posts a "bitch-session" on Angie's List! We were shocked! As a business, we did not even get an opportunity to reply before it was posted! Even the BBB does this! Now we have to sign-up to reply!? I say take a hike, Angie!

You do not have to pay to access the company side of Angie's

You do not have to pay to access the company side of Angie's up to reply to your customer.
Once a customer posts your company to the list you can access your information without
any cost to you. You will need to get verified by Angie's before they allow you to access
the Company side but once you are you can respond to any posting, add to your profile
and look at customer postings about YOUR company. You do not get access to the subscriber
side unless you pay. We have been on Angie's since a customer posted us a few years ago.
We then contacted Angie's and they verified us and gave us access. We now have over 200
postings from customers. 99% A's and 2 F's from CRAZIES. We respond to them with kindness
and compassion and it spurs more customers. Angie's is a VERY POWERFUL consumer tool and
probably to strong for most contractors. Unless you are committed to total customer satisfaction
you will probably not like the list. We always ask customers how they found out about us on the
initial call so we can track the leads but when he say Angie's we are on our best behavior.
It makes us better contractors. It is a love/hate relationship but it pays off for the most part.

Thank you for the information a fairly new user of Angie's List, I've been pleased with the responses we've received from any contractors or services we've contacted through the site. When I say this topic, I was intrigued as to what someone was unhappy with the service, and started browsing. I am glad to see your post regarding how contractors are able to use the site without a fee. To me, this gives businesses a full opportunity to respond to any negative postings and tell their side of the story - provided the business truly is made aware of this ability. Thanks for the info.

Not my experience - I went

Not my experience - I went online to different review sites posing as a a potential customer in my area. I noticed many of the same reviews on different sites. Eventually I found my business name and 'code' on angieslist. As I did not want to sign their contract I called them and was told that I had one very bad review. I said that I did not want to sign their contract but the ONLY way to find this review about my business was to sign. The one and only review was posted four years ago about a job we did six years ago. We were NEVER informed about this one bad review (a 'D') until I found out about it and not given a chance to respond in these last FOUR years. This will apparently last forever! Angieslist response (from several calls to them) is to get as many PAYING members as possible. They may claim that reviews can be written free but this is VERY hard to find out how to do and they do not reflect on your 'grade' therefore I also call angieslist a scam!
I have no intention of asking my clients to buy memberships and send reviews to the many review sites now available.

cutomer responses to the "crazies"

Hi Bob,

I was reading your thread. I am in a situation where I would like to respond to a "crazy" on angie's list. I was interested in reading the response you posted to promote more business.

Angie's Verifications

What a joke! We are paying contractors on Angie's List and have had THREE reviews that have been posted in the last six months that after we have continuously told our account manager did NOT belong to our company and they refused to delete they FINALLY - several weeks later - realized they weren't ours! WOW! Some verification. So, for weeks our company has negative reviews against it, Angie's List refuses to remove them and I'm losing customers. And, for the record, if you are a Home Advisor customer (formerly Service Magic) and you dispute a review they remove it from their site for 10 days while they review it. They will also attempt to contact the customer for you and mediate while you are on the phone if you like. Totally different service. Maybe it's because it's only the contractors that pay them - not the customers too and we are appreciated!

their getting rich cause we pay to dispute

i want to put this in capital letters THIS SUCKS i agree 100% the same thing just happend to me you can check me out in the bbb been their since 1989 and only had one bad report and was able to tell my side and got that droped with this its all about them getting paid and i will be first in line if this company ever gets a class action suit filed on them i hope she gets sued for every dime this has made them

I am for that

Email I am for putting angies list out bussnies they are not a company that is honest or fair

I was the one who used the

I was the one who used the word "SUCKS" a while back. It has since been taken WAY out of context, and turned around. I NEVER said Angies list, sucks!
I used this word, when I was describing "STORM CHASER COMPANIES", like "______ Exteriors", NOT Angies list!
These pretend, wanna be Contractors, crooks, they are NOT skilled craftsmen, but skilled CON artists, (THEY SUCK BIG TIME!) They are SALESMEN< NOT legitimate Contractors. They are in that business to make huge profits, from hard working people, people who make their money, by being honest, not THIEVES! They did not go into the business because they are highly skilled Carpenters, they went into it to try and make a quick buck off of you and me!
They scam people out of 20 percent of the total cost of repairs, they charge homeowners to meet with your Insurance man.

free estimates???

All I have to say about this is, would you go to work, using your gas at the prices of today, spend 2-3 hours going over someones house to check repairs, spend another 1-2 hours going over insurance claims, spend time on the phone with insurance adjusters trying to help a home owner not get screwed by the insurance company, then 1-2 hours writing up an estimate. In total you spent approximately 4 -6 hours of your time plus gas to hear from the homeowner, we got the check but we're gonna do the work ourselves or we got someone cheaper to do it so we'd have extra money left over. This is what we as contractors deal with every day. So, to alleviate this, we charge a 10% deposit to deal with insurance company estimates. When we sign the contract, we take that amount off the total. This is not unreasonable. It's called 'getting screwed by homeowner awareness"!

You got it right!

Yep, someone out there understands what us contractors go through on a daily basis. I don't understand why the public thinks we ought to suck it up and pay out of pocket to meet with them for free.
When was the last time they worked for free in their job?
A consultation fee is evident to avoid the tire kickers. OR at least give them a time limit for free, the charge after it's up.

My time isn't free

I completely agree with the above statements regarding estimates. In my line of work we deal with emergency situations. (flooded homes, fire and smoke damage ect...) I have gone out to give free estimates many times and NOT ONE OF THEM has turned into a job. I finally got sick of it and started pre screening the jobs by saying we have an Emergency service fee. If they have us do the work we will apply that money to the job.
But a few people would con me into giving them some numbers to look at. They assured me that they were going to use my company and just wanted to talk it over with a spouse (Rolls eyes).
So I put my time on the line and help these poor people out and EVERY TIME who get's screwed? ME! So we charge for estimates now too, but we apply that money to the job if they have us do the work.
I have learned to stick to our policies. If someone calls looking for an estimate I tell them what it will cost and there are a lot of people that turn me away. But there are many that have us come out and we do the work.

As for Angieslist.....
It's a complete joke. I have 1 review from someone that I didn't even do work for. Let me set the scene for you...

The homeowner was out of town and came back to see that everything in the basement was wet. They had tile flooring, wood paneled walls and a few areas of carpet. When I arrived I could smell the mold from upstairs, however it wasn't visible at first. After about 20-30 mins of investigating I found visible mold in some of the back rooms. Because they had wood paneled walls there wasn't anyway to save them. Had it been drywall we could just cut the mold out and replace that area. But panels have to be removed and replaced. I ball parked this job at about $20,000. Which i feel might have been a little low. I always look over the homeowners insurance information to make sure they have coverage for what needs to be done. Most people don't have that kind of money sitting around and I don't want to do the work and get screwed at the end of the job. She apparently interpreted this as insurance fraud. (rolls eyes) She turned us away and posted in her review that she had someone else come out and dry it for about $1,500.00! The 1st rule of water damage is YOU NEVER ADD FANS WHEN THERE IS MOLD PRESENT! So she paid $1,500.00 to have an idiot spread mold all over her house and gave me an F rating on angieslist.

It wasn't until months later that I found out about the review. I was going to respond it it but then I thought the only people that are going to pay to read what others thought are the picky people that you can never please. If Angieslist has rounded those people up and they are reading my bad review they won't call. IMO this is a blessing. I would rather the crazy nut job people stay far away from my company.

So in the end, Thank you Angieslist for doing me a favor!

Just know, the customers you

Just know, the customers you would want, understand there are a few crazy customers out there and will evaluate you as a whole.

Angie's List sucks

This happened to the company I work for!! Angie's List has no filter in what gets posted by so called "customers." We have had a few people post on our site bad reviews and they weren't even our customers! We disputed what they had to say but Angie's List refuses to remove the posts. The reviews were by people who did not receive contract work done through us and did not pay for anything because we weren't contracted by them. This is absolutely ridiculous that our company's reputation should suffer due to Angie's refusal to really look at the problem these kind of situations cause. We have contacted them many times, the first was to cancel our account. I spoke with a salesman who told me that we were cancelled. A month later, what do you know but we get another review posted. I called them back only to find out that they will not ever remover your profile, just take it out of certain searches that use certain words. Ridiculous! I cannot believe that this company operates in a dishonest manner. We have proven the bad reviews to be by people other than our customer and Angie's simply will not do anything about it.

Getting removed from Angie

We were a paid advertising company of angies. when we realized we could not afford to renew for the 2nd year, we asked to cancel the advertising, as it is month to month, should not be a problem. The contract was for one year and we asked to cancel the first month. They wanted us to pay 75% of the contract, or they would pull our name and not let anyone see any reports from customers.

You Can't CANCEL at ANY Time

Here's another problem. Whether you're a Provider or a customer looking for services, you have a hell of a time getting removed from Angie's List. Another way for them to make money. We were working on a rental property, got new wood floors, landscaping, electrical, chimney work and plumbing done. Some from Angies's list some from Home Advisor and the rest from the yellow pagers. Nothing surprising here. They all did good work, the companys from Home Advisor were a little quicker in doing the work. The company I chose for Angie's list got an A and and a F. They were very good, why the F , didn't make sense. With the work being doing I tried to cancel my memebership. You can't. You're stuck for a year whether you like it or not. I called, that's their system but they don't tell you this when you sign up. I will never use them again, nor recommend them. I got the same or better service from the other guys. How revolting. Save you're money!! Stay away from a SERVICE company who does not serve you! Only takes advantage.

Angie's List

We own a small, family owned plumbing business and recently ran into a similar situation. An unhappy customer posted a "F" report which was full of lies and left out several important facts. I contacted Angie's List and asked them to remove the slanderous information but they refused. Instead they emailed me a form that I could submit with my customers' names and phone numbers so they could solicit them for "good" reports. Its sad that someone can pay 5 bucks and post lies on the Internet that harms a small business. We have hundreds of happy, satisfied customers but they aren't the ones who take the time to post "reports" on the Internet and I don't have the time to contact each one and instruct them on how to do so.

Cindy is so right!

I own a small diner, and all my guests love the food, and decor. However, I would never ask them to post a comment online. That would be rude. And as we all know, there are those few people out there who will come into a establishment and try to get as much free stuff as they can, and if you don't give them everything they want (usually something impossible) they run right to some list on the internet. How can small business owners compete with that, we are barely getting by as it is.

Yeah its funny how the crazy

Yeah its funny how the crazy costumer who has nothing good to say post their comments right a way. Half of it is not even true most of the time and yeah S P cant do nothing about it.

Angies list allows slanderous and defamation of character

I completely agree and am currently dealing with the same situation. I have been on Angies list for 4 years and have had all A reports until the one disgruntled customer that Jesus himself could not make happy decided to go out and post slanderous and defamation of character remarks on my review. Did you know if you are a service provider on Angies List, you have no rights? Did you know that anyone can post slanderous and fabricated reviews on Angies list and they will not remove it, even if the service provider can prove the review is completely fabricated? Did you know that if a service provider sues an Angies list member that they will drop the service provider, EVEN if the service provider wins the case? It is wrong, it is not right and to Angies list I say...KISS MY ASS!!

You threatened a salesman

You threatened a salesman with violence over a customer review? I have no idea about your work, but a violent temper and thin skin is not usually at the top of anyone's list when hiring contractors.

Where did this come from

Violence, he never mentioned violence. You are about as sharp as the people at Angies List.

rick is 100% correct

My feedback is 97% A's but the rest are from rare morons that claim i did not return an email(which i never received) and ran to the computer to drop an F on a near perfect streak of A's.Another was someone stating i was overpriced and gave straight F's, another did not like my tone over the phone...Another F. I requested angies list to remove it due to no bussiness transaction or even a conversation. They refused.Shouldn't there be an accual bussiness transaction before you can leave a review. Angies list allows people to make rants and raves without doing bussiness with the contractor.It's a racket. If your a contractor try to aviod angies list. It can ruin your reputation since competitors can easily drum up enough people to send in false and slandeous reviews. By the way im a plumber in VA beach and know ricks heating and air is a class act company and has a great reputation... Hang in there.


This comment left by Anonymous, because, probably the reason why they are complaining is .............No one has recommended THEIR business----This LIST is great for consumers...... The BBB has it where businesses are able to pay to have an A-1 rating..................for example.ASPEN EXTERIORS, located out of Anoka, MN claims to have an A-1 rating... WHO ARE THEY KIDDING? ASPEN EXTERIORS HAVE HAD EIGHT COMPLAINTS AGAINST THEM, FOUR IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS. HOW IN THE WORLD can the BBB still have them rated as an A-1 business-----I really do hope they remove that rating, because, WOW... it could NOT be further from the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will rely more on Angies list than the BBB until the BBB becomes more honest...and to actually provide the accurate rating, not a rating that is the total opposite!


Do you live on another planet or what? Can't believe you're really defending these people! I guess you think Casey Anthony is innocent, too?

TO darla : how can you

TO darla : how can you justify this type of treatment of obviously reputable contractors by disgruntled customers WHO THE COMPANY NEVER!!!WORKED FOR ???
EXAMPLE ; if you offer a service that requires you to charge say 1000 dollars just to make a profit of say 200 after expenses , so you quote this customer that job at 1000 dollars and said customer thinks thats too high (not even knowing your overhead or profit margin) so you do not get the job no big deal right ?move on to the next bid and hope for better results .
but now this smuck that you DID NOT !!! work for ,throws a hissy fit and trashes your hard earned reputation BULLSH!T !!
if thats the case i want you to provide me with whatever service it is that you provide at your work to me( for half of what you earn ) and if you dont like it well then you MUST BE A SUBPAR WHATEVER THE HECK IT IS THAT YOU ARE ! and i am telling your boss that you sucked at whatever it is that you do (oh and anyone else who may consider hiring you ) sound fair ??? maybee you better be a better whatever you are and be more honest and stop trashing aspen exteriors every chance you get!! EH? you could have made your point without referncing them but obviosly you have another motive to your foolish no commonsense post

Darla, you suck too!!!!!!

Trashing Aspen? You are probably the Bi--h that put in all the complaints about them, and when the BBB looked into it they probably found out that you are a total NUT!!! It is people like you that make it hard for honest, hard working folks to make a living now days

Darla, you are an idiot

It's amazing how idiots like Darla even make it through life. I guess they speak (or write replies in this case) without knowing all the facts.

Darla, people have trusted the Better Business Bureau for years only to find they are a scam just like Angies List. You must not be aware that businesses can (buy) placement on Angies List just like the BBB.

And what would stop someone from paying the $5 only to bash a competitor? The people at Angies List would assume it's a real customer.

Just because you pay doesn't mean it's accurate. I wouldn't trust anything from Angies List and I'm not a business owner. As a consumer, I wouldn't pay for inaccurate info. But I guess there are idiots who do.

did you stop to think

i have multiple fake email addresses and it is not hard to make many more in the course of ten to fifteen minutes. now whats to stop me to take about 50 bucks or so and 10 of my email accounts and bashing the sh*t out of my competitor(and at the same time talking me up)? and please do not say someone will not do this be cause i personally know a small business owner who did this and that 50 bucks was repaid in just a few short weeks. customers who saw a lot of bad reports and came to her. just think what if i could destory someones business with 50 to 100 bucks and a few fake emails from yahoo and gmail?

Not true bbb list everyone

The BBB lists everyone I am a member for 20 years and that is a problem for me I do pay and I dont get anything more than if you didnt do anything!

Blinded by the Hype!

Firstly, in regards to the BBB and the A+ rating... I have no idea about Aspen Exteriors, but a lot depends on the size of the company. For example my company installs over 800 jobs a year, so 4 complaints in a years time isnt such a bad thing. For the record I think we have 2 or 3 over a 36 month period (2 or 3 out of 2400 is pretty darn good.)

Now, as far as the false profit (sic) that is Angie's List... They profit from both the customer and the company. The customer pays the membership fees, the business owner pays to advertise. The question now is about responsability, and who really takes it? For example...

Today, a report was submitted via a telephone solicitation on Angie's List where a homeowner has said that my company built a deck in such a substandard way that it is about to fall down a year later. She also stated that we refused to gain the proper permits for this job and when she questioned by a building inspector, he informed her that she would be responsible for thousands of dollars in fines including some jail time, and that we were argumentative with the building inspector. She has also stated that we refuse to compsate her for anything and that because of this experience she is no longer a member of Angie's List.

I'll point out what I think the funniest one is... She's no longer a member, yet Angie's list is calling her and asking if she's had any work done.

That's the obvious one for anyone to see, the one thats not so obvious (unless you have access to all of our companies phone/lead/sales records like I do) is that WE HAVE NEVER EVEN BEEN TO THIS HOUSE, AND THIS PERSON HAS NEVER CONTACTED US TO DO ANYTHING.

We have never done work at that address or for that person at a different address.

My issue here is, how long before Angie's list takes this down? How much damage is done because of the intensity of the libel?

Angie's List claims that since they are just the bulletin board, they cannot be held responsible for the content. Didn't Napster try that defence a few years ago?

If we should sue this person, Angie's List will no longer allow us to respond to our reviews.

There just seems to be something incredibly wrong here.

Again, I love to point out that Angie's List makes EVERYBODY pay.

you work for them???

..I have had nightmare experiences myself with the NUT cases that claim they are on angies list....sounds like THIS angies list is a scam in itself....

Their prices may vary by location...

....but I've made the same disappointing experience. Was talked into a prefered listing, forked out hundreds, and the result is zero. I ask every customer how they've found us, nobody answers: "Angie's List". 'nuff said!

hurray for them. getting it

hurray for them. getting it from both ends while giving it to you in the back end. Maybe I must have missed out on the screw-train. THEY SUCK. There sales tactics are very cunning to say the least, seems they tried to pull the same crap on me.

Angie's List

They would not add past customers of Angie's List that I worked for. After paying them hundreds of dollars, I got no calls and they would not add anything to there WEBSITE. There customers got a value and I got screwed in the past six months. When I stupidly paid Angie's List, they don't realize I am the customer and I can report on them. They don't care about you or me, just another corporate WEBSITE!

Angies List Reviews

Heres one for you. I have been a contractor on Angies List since last spring of 2010. I did a coupon blast for 8 hours of service work for a liitle less than 30% of my normal rate. Unbeknownst to me they have service fees. They wanted 13% of the every two hundred dollars for administration costs. I was very upset that they didnt explain this completely. Anyway I went along with the deal and had coupon customers from hell. On top of that most kept asking me to do more than was asked and I being a new Angie's List customer was afraid to say no in fear of a bad report. One customer did not quit asking for more and threatened me with a bad report. I litterally had to tell him f-off and go for it because it was a lie. Here the catch. Angie's List does not screen the customers so they can write as many inaccuracies and you have no defense but a rebuttal. Angie's List service people admitted that a recent bad report will cause you to immediately lose business because a most recent report that is bad, people go to the next person that doesnt have a recent bad report. That is very discomforting. Angie's List also will solicit past customers from your past and try to get a report from them. The problem with that is memories fade and inconsistencies will most happen. Again you have to defend yourself.

Has it worked for me. Yes it has and full paying customers have done me well at times but unfortunately in these times you cant depend on Angie's List for all your work. If I had business like three years ago when people actually felt it important to spend money on their home I probably would not do Angie's List especially from the fear of having some freak customer that they draw in as members say bull...... about my business and taint my reputation.

Your assessment of user

Your assessment of user reviews is not accurate. If everybody simply skipped to the next review at the first sight of a negative review no reviews would be valid. Most people understand that every business will have their nutcases and a bad review here or there.

Thank you!!

Wow!!! Thank you so much!! I was just looking to find a code to reduce the cost before I signed up and found this site. Talk about being enlightened. Amazing what you find when you do a little research. Sorry but I think the best thing one can do is weed through all the reviews they can and not pay for them as there's really no way of knowing for sure. I know this couple who started a new business and they created a bunch of email addresses and wrote a bunch of reviews touting their restaurant as being the best little Greek restaurant in the Sarasota area. LOL. Far from what it really was. Then they had all their friends write stuff too. It was good, but not GREAT! lol

All you really can do is check with friends, the BB etc and hope and pray you don't get stuck esp with a Dr. or contractor.


I was looking discounts when I found this website... after finding out they STILL charge businesses to get higher on the list surprised me. I am not going to sign up for it, I just have to do the leg work and research to protect myself.

Point for Angie's list, we as

Point for Angie's list, we as a contractor do not want people searching for the cheapest company. Thank you for proving a point:-) we don't want your business if you are in dire need of a coupon for Angie's list.
Good luck with word of mouth I have been screwed over and over from word of mouth.
I believe word of mouth plus proof that you do great business for others on Angie's list is unbeatable.
Sure you will get bad reviews, but smart angieslist consumers will look past those, they will actually read the review And make a judgment for themselves.
What makes people not write a bad review anywhere else.
You are all ignorant and probably the ones looking for negative reviews and writing them.

Why Angies List Sucks

you are not addressing the salient points. Contractors pay to get better positioning. I am sure you would have had no problem when Angie's list started as a free site. Now that the site is charging you are saying you do not want business from people looking for a bargain. Then people who view Angie's list are not your demographic. The people who do not care how much money they spend have contractors and decorator's at their disposal at any time they wish. In this economy good luck.

Seems all businesses use coupons, grocery stores, dry cleaners, large retail stores. Maybe they know something you don't know?

Tv commercials

Company sucks and so Angie's commercial she is so ugly when she opens her mouth. I don't trust her

Tv commercials

Company sucks and so Angie's commercial she is so ugly when she opens her mouth. I don't trust her

In total agreement

My experience as a contractor and a consumer with Angie's List is identical right up to the part where the salesman from Angie's List called me to get me to shell out dough to get a higher ranking on the 'unbiased' list. I did not take the bait and issued a stern 'Shame on you, Angie's List salesperson.' Collecting from both ends and the middle is the fastest way to burn yourself into oblivion, and Angie's List now deserves this fate. As a contractor, I have to pay for leads to keep my schedule full. God has been good to me and I get most of my work through word of mouth (not Angie's List, but actual consumers talking to each other). Angie's List seemed like it would be a great place to be listed, and I was honored when a client posted my business there... until that fatal sales call. Unbiased, my right gluteus maximus. Shame on you, Angie's List.

shame, shame

You hit the nail on the head, we also were proud to be nominated to Angie's but the salesman who calls to get more money make it clear (between the lines), that you won't be found without paying for advertising (the price has doubled iin one year). Plus if you advertise, you have to give a coupon of 10% or more, PLUS, if you offer a Big Deal, they take another 10%. What is the contractor left with after paying angies', PLUS, if the member isn't happy - with the price, no work done, they will write a bad review!

In total agreement

My experience as a contractor and a consumer with Angie's List is identical right up to the part where the salesman from Angie's List called me to get me to shell out dough to get a higher ranking on the 'unbiased' list. I did not take the bait and issued a stern 'Shame on you, Angie's List salesperson.' Collecting from both ends and the middle is the fastest way to burn yourself into oblivion, and Angie's List now deserves this fate. As a contractor, I have to pay for leads to keep my schedule full. God has been good to me and I get most of my work through word of mouth (not Angie's List, but actual consumers talking to each other). Angie's List seemed like it would be a great place to be listed, and I was honored when a client posted my business there... until that fatal sales call. Unbiased, my right gluteus maximus. Shame on you, Angie's List.

Shocking...Some providers ARE asked pay for listing!

Anonymous wrote: "I wonder what their subscribers would think if contractors did pay for positioning..."

Today, I had an electrician I found through ServiceMagic come to my home to give me an estimate for some work. I happened to mention that I also saw him on Angies' List but he had no customer reviews and it showed his license expired 12/31/2010. He then told me HIS story about Angie's List.

First, his license is current. Second, he said that Angie's List emails him all the time, wanting him to pay to become a "Preferred Provider." He said his company gets a lot of those emails and he finds them a nusiance and deletes them.

So, I am shocked and feel duped and lied to. When I joined Angie's List, I didn't expect that the providers were courted to pay for being listed a certain way. And this info is from a provider that has zero reviews! He said he's rather pay the $15 lead fee to ServiceMagic than join Angie's List.

I think it's true. I live in

I think it's true. I live in a mixed community bordered by affluent suburbs, so I try to use contractors in my area because I know it's a waste of time to contact anyone else. Some contractors also charge a mileage fee so of course I want to avoid that. Angie's list makes it impossible to search by zip code or distance. It seems as if those search options are available but I almost always found that the local companies I was interested in hiring never seemed to be included in search results. I would instead find them just by looking through the database by category. I've allowed my "membership" to lapse. I always found Angie's List very aggravating to deal with. I like Yelp and Yahoo better.

Angie's List TV adds are not true!

Angie's current TV add quotes her saying, "No one can pay to be on Angie's list." I was really disappointed when two recent workers, hired off Angie's List, told me they pay. One said $20 a month--or be listed down at the bottom where no one would find him--and the other $160 a year. When I asked an Angie's rep about this, I was told this was for "advertising." But, in subsequent mailings, neither of these businesses had published ads. This disappoints me, for it tells me Angie's List is not for real and cannot be trusted. The previous comment about Angie's playing both ends is true. I will not use the list again.

Paid Advertising

I just got an email from Angies regarding "paid advertising" that I could not afford.
"The only options that would be less is if we cut out zones which would reduce the number of members that you will be in front of.. also the difference between advertisers and nonadvertisers is placement.. when you advertise, you will always be guaranteed to be on the first page near the top.. if you don’t advertise you will be rotated on a daily basis with all the other non-advertisers and one day you might be on page 16 or the next on page 12 or 8 or 4.. it just rotates you every day and usually members don’t scroll past the first page when they are doing a search.. and in your category there is already a waiting list for other non-advertisers to be on the first page but they are waiting for someone to not renew so they can take their place."

Angie's List TV adds are not true!

Angie's current TV add quotes her saying, "No one can pay to be on Angie's list." I was really disappointed when two recent workers, hired off Angie's List, told me they pay. One said $20 a month--or be listed down at the bottom where no one would find him--and the other $160 a year. When I asked an Angie's rep about this, I was told this was for "advertising." But, in subsequent mailings, neither of these businesses had published ads. This disappoints me, for it tells me Angie's List is not for real and cannot be trusted. The previous comment about Angie's playing both ends is true. I will not use the list again.




Once a complaint is filed, and good faith effort has been generated to resolve the complaint, Angies List hides under a "Communications Act" to keep the negative comments in circulation for years. Consumer beware...Reviews you can trust" is their motto...This is not true...Angies List will make it impossible to resolve a conflict and provides a platform for some very malicious people who want nothing but revenge. If the world operated in the revenge mode that the "List" promotes,
we would have many more wars than we already have.

Consumers...go to the Better Business Bureau to get information...they will tell you how a company resolves complaints.
Do not use a "PAID self serving" organization influence any of your decisions..Many of these complaints can also be generated from competitors trying to bring down their competition.

Use your better business reports..they are FREE!

angie's list is a rip off

I agree with your posting. The more I read the more I couldnt believe how other people felt the same way I did.
We joined angie's list as a contractor in hopes to gain customers, work etc... About a year later and almost $ 5000.00 in advertising. We only got 2 calls and they were to tell us that we were too expensive. This got posted to our site so of course no one will call because they are going to see that comment from a member and most likely move on. That by the way brought our rating down. Now my concern with that is... what if the actual comparison on units wasnt done. What if the customer didnt realize that they were maybe getting a lessor effecient unit (maybe) What if we were offering warranty and they were'nt. What if, What if ??? There are so many what if's... You cant put a comment .. they were too expensive to rate someone because that is their personal opionion. When no actual true apples to apples comparison was done that the other members could see for themselves.
Just because they have an A rating with Angie's list doesnt mean they are the best or they dont have issue's. Just like the other guy said earlier about owners putting in their own comments to rate themselves higher.
The other thing I noticed is that they have alot of companies listed , makes me wonder which are true companies. There are alot of companies out their right now which consist of maybe 1 or 2 people and they work out of their trucks. They probably dont even have an office to go to or pay workers comp. like everybody else does. Insurance is another issue,
do they pay for that? So of course they can charge less??? would anybody want to do business with a company like that..I would be concerned about honesty and being reliable before I base my decision and opinion on just price. These are all things to consider before you have the right to rate a company.. That shouldnt be an option to pick when member's post on angie's list their comments about a company they have never done business with..just based on price...that blows my mind.. If the comment is based on a good or bad experience then I agree to the posting for rating that company. Because they actually had work done with that company.
Anyhow Angie's list was a total waste of time and money. Its not what they advertise at all and by the way when you sign up they promise you all this support etc.. once you sign up thats it. Your pretty much on your own. I had a couple of questions when I called the rep. a couple of times and he was a bit sarcastic with me. All this was new to me and I wasnt sure about certain things but I guess they expect you to be???
Its all about the money from bothe memebers and contractors. Whatever happens from their they are not responsible.

Sneaky sales rep

I had a similar experience. I tried to sign for three months but was convinced by the sales man that the business I would get would more the compensate for the money i had to shell out .I didnt get one call. When I called after two months ofr no one calling , Angies List suggested I give them a data bse of our customers so they can sollicit reviews which would increase calls. I told them vo and cancelled . Now I am theatened from collections that they will put a bad credit report in .
Angies List is not upfront with the services they are trying to sell . I regret ever doing any transactions with them abd will warn antone and everyone of their policies.
John Huttner
Metro Loading Service

Angies List is a fraud

They promise and promise, they took money from me when they they weren't suppose to. The worse is i got a bad review based on a estimate. I fought with Angie's list for ever and they said they work for the consumer. Who am i? Why am i paying for this service. It gets better, every Angie's list customer use's the reviews against you. Don't know how many time these people got free work out of me by saying "It will reflect in my Angies List review. So here is what need to happens we need people to post reviews about Angie's list all over the web. Beat them at there own game. The BBB process makes much more since.


I also paid for the top rank advertising without any return on my investment. When the sales person contacted me I was told that there were no obligations, meaning (or so I thought) I could cancel at anytime. NOT TRUE! I called to cancel my paid advertising and left a message with my account manager and asked for a call back. I got no return call. I called again and again. On the fourth phone call, my account manager picked up the phone and I told her that I wanted to cancel my paid advertising. She asked why and I told her that I was not getting any phone calls; she said "Okay" and what I thought "Okay" meant was that she canceled my ad. A week later I was billed; I called my account manager and left a message again with no return phone call. I called the next morning and told the operator on the phone that I was not going to leave another message and to please connect me with my account manager. She did pick up the phone and told me that I would continue to be billed until the contract was up. It's funny she did not tell me this when I called to cancel. She should have explained to me that I was duked into a year contract when I called to cancel. Long story's still not resolved and I am waiting for them to get back to me so they can reveiw the recorded phone call when I signed up. A lot of money wasted on Angie's List!


They don't have the final word. DisPuts w your Credit Card Company. Dont let them rip you off!!! I love YELP a free review site!!

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Angie's List

I joined Angie's List and found out afterwards that it was only good for the immediate area of where you sign up. I lived right inside Pa. but was looking for a Doctor in Maryland. I could not use Angie's List for that since it was not in the immediate area. I had to buy another membership to look up a doctor. I then used the list for a contractor in my area. I contacted three of them that had a A rating. I had to give them all a F. One I made an appointment with and they never showed up or called to cancel. Another one never returned my call after I left several messages. The last one's price was out of this world, and I did the work myself. So no, I don't think it is worth it. Just my experience with it.

I to am a contractor in the

I to am a contractor in the plumbing heating cooling trades. I was paying Service magic @$6 a lead when I first started then the BS began. Increased rates first, then The Exact match program, by the time it was all said and done they were making as much as I was and I was doing all the work. Free estimates to compete with people who have been run out of there own town and traveled 50 miles to get work. Then to have them cut there prices and send the non-english speaking types to do the work illegally (most not journeyman status). If they are so great. why are they working here. BECAUSE SERVICE MAGIC IS MAKEING MILLIONS OFF IDIOTS WHO PAY THEM LIKE US. Angies list is another story. Advertised with them for a month and FIRED THEM. Cost me $875 for a dead phone and there still trying to screw me out of another $437. Word to the wise dont pay a dime for there upgrade advertising. Got to give it to them though, there getting there "Jack" from both ends. To get to the point, the whole internet scene is a joke. If its not the advertisers screwing you its the clients looking for the cheapest contractor they can find and they will usually find them there. WORD OF MOUTH IS BY FAR THE BEST. The only good thing about either company is that it is a great place to start, unless they and most of there clients cause you to go broke and jump in front of the bus. As for most of the customers who complain. THEY PAY FOR WHAT THEY GET AND "MY HEART BLEEDS FOR THEM" FOR ALL THE WAISTED TIME THEY CAUSED ME. I HAPPENED TO HAVE BEEN A 5 STAR CONTRACTOR FOR OVER 5YRS AND HAD TO THROW IN THE TOWEL WITH THE INTERNET. I BELIEVE THAT REAL SMART PEOPLE WILL PAY AN EXTRA COUPLE OF BUCKS TO USE SOMEONE LOCAL WHO HAS A REPUTATION TO KEEP BUT LIVES WITH A HIGHER STANDARD. GOOD LUCK THEY BOTH SUCK

Re: Angie's list

I agree with you. I had been a member/consumer for about four months, and; I received a call claiming to be from Angie's list and wanting ratings of any company I had used on their list. I informed the young man, I waited three plus weeks for one man to show up, got tired, and did the job myself. It is not that tough to do home improvement work if you want to. This was a front door, and; I was not waiting a month replace a door jam. Now, what got me, was this clown claimed he needed a report for Angie's list. I was told to give them a report for any great company I had ever used. Well, that was a month plus ago. Angie's list is bothering the hell out of the heating and cooling company I gave high rating for.

These are con artists in my opinion. The phone number I received the call for the so called report for Angie's list was a college pay phone. From what I see it is a highly questionable business, and; no they did not want any bad report. I emailed and cancelled my membership this PM. It will take a few days.

Point for angieslist.

Hey, read the first part of your comment, you were the idiot that waited 3 weeks for service. There were other contractors you could seek out.

Be a smart consumer

I typically post for blog and came across this after recently posting on a similiar subject. For any of you that are customers just know that there are other tools available to you that will do a much better job than services that find the "perfect" contractor for you. I will not get into much detail about it here but you can visit and find the post there in which I go into greater detail. Should a customer wish to use a service that locates contractors for the convenience that is fine. Just make sure you are aware of the tools available that will not cost you a penny.
My opinion...unless you have no alternative don't pay a service, online or not, when there are much better ways to locate a contractor and IT IS FREE.


I have to say reading all of

I have to say reading all of these reviews about bad reviews on angies list makes it sound like these reviews would not end up anywhere else on the web. I think having the ability to contact these people that are giving the bad reviews makes it worthwhile.

As far as the dispute and ask to remove bad reviews, that is censorship. People have their opinions on everything and although to much freedom sometimes the freedom to do so whether good or bad. If I saw a review of a company with almost 200 posts with none bad i would have my doubts about those reviews. You cant please everyone and we as consumers understand that but it is the way you deal with those bad reviews and honestly half of the "those are slanderous and false" posts here I would not buy from your business in the first place. I like honesty and to see people deal with situations as adults. I would rather see a reply to their review stating the facts and a resolution than people griping about what was said.

I appreciate your candid

I appreciate your candid comments! And as someone looking into 'advertising for free' on Angie's list, I appreciate the truthful response and insight as to what happened to you. My husband is a landscaper and has had a wonderful business-thanks to word of mouth from his customers but we are always looking for new customers.

Will opt out of it as it seems like too much work for the hassle it caused you!

Again, sorry for your problem but appreciate the information.

This is totally stupid


Just because someone uses angies list does not mean that they will treat you like a brother. Sounds to me like your just making up some boloney! There is no way that they assume they can trust you just because of someones good experience with you! For example..... Look at Ebay! Ebay has members that have ALL good reviews and STILL are ripping people off. And they also have people with horrendous reviews that got a few bad eggs buying from them that you could NEVER satisfy for nothing. So tell me? Which person would you rather make a purchase from? The truth is that the average person is misinformed and lazy! Say you have someone give you a bid on a job. And another person, and yet another. How many people do you think actually look at what they are getting from each other those people to see if the one that is MORE money is actually charging more because he is using far superior more expensive materials? Not many check into that. And then when they go with the lower priced party they get mad because they were expecting the quality the higher bidder included in his bid. Then they write a bad report on the person who gave them everything they paid for! And the higher bidder was out of a job because the consumer was a cheapskate! I see it all the time and it sickens me. You simply cannot win with these types of services because one mans expectation is NOT another mans!
Thank you for your time reading my reasoning!

Contractor Pricing

You comment about charging more money is not always the case.
They are many variations of quality of service, quality of materials, and inequality of greed.
You may have bad contractors that hire illegals and use cheap materials, but charge more...
Or you may find a contractor that takes the time to look at your particular situation and give you what is best for your budget and environment at a reasonable price with reasonable quality materials.

Contractor Pricing

I agree. I have worked many an hour fo rbelow minimum wage or for FREE.
Especially for the elderly and disabled. This is a Midwestern Polish work ethic my dad instilled in me as a 12 year old, when he had me shoveling the snow off the side-walks on my block in Chicago for the old people in my neighborhood.
I didn't like it back then, but I now see the honor it as an old man myself.

This is totally stupid

I am so surprised at the comments being posted regarding Angie's List. I am a Contractor who was added to the list a few years ago but a customer whom I didn't even know was a member of Angie's List. He was kind enough to add me to the list and even add some pictures of my work. About a 6-7 months later I received a call from another member who had picked me out from the list because I was closer to her than all the other members on the List and I had a good review from the first job I had done which provided pictures. I noticed that the customers I was dealing with on Angie's list were a more educated customer in terms of knowing what kind of questions they should ask a perspective contractor. And my experience has been that they are customers willing to pay for good quality work and SERVICE. So after completing two fairly lucrative jobs with high high reviews i started getting calls from Angie's list. Angie's List explained to me that for a fee I could get more exposure and maximize my experience with there paying customers. I was very interested in this as I had already had two positive experiences with this clientele and this was a list that my customers seemed to give a lot of respect to. My first year of advertising wasn't necessarily what I had hoped for and getting the customers to report there experiences with my company was challenging. I was aware to the fact that I would need more reports to achieve a higher return for my investment. So I signed another years contract and hoped for the best. My response was better than the first year to my delight and I was getting great reviews. Contrary to the Service Magic program I wasn't dealing with a bunch of low balling companies, but a group of highly respected contractors in my field. I knew that I was dealing with an educated consumer that knew exactly what kind of contractor they wanted to do business with, so I started giving them all they needed to do just that. I changed my presentation provided insurance information before being asked for it and developed the old McDonald's service philosophy (the customer is always right). We increased our work load by 3 fold and our income followed suit. it was actually unexpected and caught me by surprise and unprepared. We made the necessary adjustments provided the same level of service that had been expected of us and had our best year ever. Winning the 2010 Angie's list Super Service Award was the Whip cream to top of an awesome season.
Someone made the comment that they were treated like a brother when showing up after the perspective customer had read the reviews on their company. I would like to add that not only are my Angie's List customers more receptive to me when I show up with a sense of trust already given, I'm treated like a Super Star as a matter of fact my biggest problem is that when customers call for work they tend to only want to deal with me and not the rest of my crew and office. I started by myself and God and Angie's List alone is sole responsible for the growth we've experienced in my business. This is why Angie's List doesn't suck in my hometown.

I want to know more about your company. Your success.

I am curious as to what your business does. As an owner of a largeold victorian house I am always looking for good help. As a some what smart consumer i am always weary about hiring contractors. What Hometown do you live in? are you willing to travel for long term jobs?

Licensed Insured Journeyman

Licensed Insured Journeyman Plumber available for jobs in the Chicagoland area.

How we are different: per-job pricing, instead of hourly pricing.

This guarantees that we get the job done in a timely manner, unlike contractors that charge by the hour and drag the job out.

Whether you need a toilet in your closet, or a sink in your attic, no job too big or small.

Email [email protected], or
[email protected]

Sounds the same as my experience.

I had the same experience as you. Started my own small business 6 years ago in Vegas. Bought a pool route of just 20 pools. After a couple of years...slowly growing my business received a call from someone claiming they found me on Angies List. Checked it out and realized two of my and daughter had both joined and wrote reviews. Called the new customer and thanked them again for choosing me and asked them to please write a review. This happened a few more times that year and before I knew it I had about 9 reviews. Angies list did contact me and for $85 a month I could be Wtf the top and add more info and pictures. Fast forward 4 years. I pay about $120 a month...4 others share my top rotating spot. I have over 80 reviews. Two C's, one B and the rest A's. Numerous pages of happiness and this will be my 4TH honor roll. I work hard for these clients and they are so much better then any other leads I get...including friend and family and customer leads. 4 Times as many reviews as the next guy. One full time employee. 100 full time customers and more work then I can handle. God and Angies list and working my ass off.

Sounds the same as my experience.

I had the same experience as you. Started my own small business 6 years ago in Vegas. Bought a pool route of just 20 pools. After a couple of years...slowly growing my business received a call from someone claiming they found me on Angies List. Checked it out and realized two of my and daughter had both joined and wrote reviews. Called the new customer and thanked them again for choosing me and asked them to please write a review. This happened a few more times that year and before I knew it I had about 9 reviews. Angies list did contact me and for $85 a month I could be Wtf the top and add more info and pictures. Fast forward 4 years. I pay about $120 a month...4 others share my top rotating spot. I have over 80 reviews. Two C's, one B and the rest A's. Numerous pages of happiness and this will be my 4TH honor roll. I work hard for these clients and they are so much better then any other leads I get...including friend and family and customer leads. 4 Times as many reviews as the next guy. One full time employee. 100 full time customers and more work then I can handle. God and Angies list and working my ass off.


They post fraudulent and false postings of customers who never came through my doors and want money to join their service. What a rippoff. These folks at Angies list have no character or morals! A+ BBB rating with no complaints in over 6 years and I have to "join" to read this garbage......absolutely NO WAY TO FIND OUT ANY ACCURATE INFORMATION ABOUT ANY BUSINESS!

More Like a B rating! Need to be honest when attacking others.

BBB AccreditationBack to Top
This business is not a BBB Accredited Business.
BBB Rating Back to Top

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of B on a scale from A+ to F.

Factor(s) that lowered this business' rating include:

BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating
BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business.
Factor(s) that raised this business' rating include:

Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size.
Response to 2 complaint(s) filed against business.
Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business.

BBB rating is based on 16 factors. Click here for details about the factors considered.

Business Contact & ProfileBack to Top
Business Name: Mold Aid
Business Address: Po Box 868
Gainesville, VA 20156

Principal: John Taylor
Phone Number: (703) 754-3766
(877) 932-7177
Fax Number: (703) 754-1216
Email Address: [email protected]
BBB Accreditation: This business is not a BBB Accredited Business

Website Address:

Business ManagementBack to Top
BBB has no information regarding Business Management at this time.
Customer Complaint History Back to Top

When considering complaint information, please take into account the business's size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

BBB processed a total of 2 complaint(s) about this business in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total 2 complaint(s) closed in the last 36 months, 1 was closed in the last 12 months.

These complaints concerned:

2 regarding Service Issues
2 regarding Service Issues

These complaints were closed as:

2 Resolved

BBB is a waste of time

I dealt with the Better Business Bureau on one occasion and they are a total waste of time.

I purchased a home that came with two 100 gallon propane tanks for the pool on Long Island (NY). I had never had any experience with propane companies and wasn't aware of the contract that was in place with a local company. Additionally, amongst the papers that the previous owners gave us was a receipt for $1,200 for the purchase of the two propane tanks. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of the advisability of keeping these receipts and tossed them in the garbage. About a month later, I come home and my propane tanks are gone! It turns out that the propane company assumed the tanks were theirs and collected them without saying anything. I knew they were paid for but I didn't have the receipt to prove it. We came to a gentleman's agreement (not in writing, another stupidity on my part) where they left me a tank rent free for my pool. Well, a couple of years down the road they start harassing me over the rent for the tank. Back & forth a bit, where I even got a statement from the previous owner of the house testifying that he paid for the tanks. Finally, I go to the BBB with my complaint that this company stole my propane tanks and won't honor their agreements. All the BBB did was to contact the company which made up some bull as a response. The BBB made no effort to try and verify who was telling the truth and they listed the "complaint" as resolved.

What use is this information from the BBB? There is no way to validate who is lying, the customer or the company. All you know is that somebody was p'od enough to contact the BBB but there is no way of knowing who is the victim and who is the jerk.

The BBB is not an arbitrator

The BBB is not an arbitrator service, nor an enforcement agency. They only post what has been given to them, and their service is free. What do you expect from them?

It should be obvious to

It should be obvious to everyone reading these articles that there is one or two people (most likely from Angie's list) refuting these people that have outlined legitimate complaints and attacking them with pro-Angie comments. I didn't know anything about Angie's list before, but I have learned plenty now. Stay away! These people and the website are not what they claim to be. Beware.


They post fraudulent and false postings of customers who never came through my doors and want money to join their service. What a rippoff. These folks at Angies list have no character or morals! A+ BBB rating with no complaints in over 6 years and I have to "join" to read this garbage......absolutely NO WAY TO FIND OUT ANY ACCURATE INFORMATION ABOUT ANY BUSINESS!

Angies List Metrics

One poor review can equal an "F" on Angies List. Companies like this are misleading people. Angies list and Reseller Ratings and places like that are the new "shake down" in this digital economy. They let people write what ever they want and then they tell you join and use their "powerful tools" to rebut bad reviews and cultivate customers. One bad review makes it 400 times more likely to get more bad reviews, warranted or not. Its called "socializing". It's all about monetizing un-duplicated original content. AngiesList lets you print your own flyer to give to people so they can "rate" you, why not give to all your friends and family? It is very sad that people take it seriously.

Angie's list unreliable

They show a local contractor in my town who has the worst reputation in the city. Better off calling the Better Business Bureau. That always works.

Good ratings at the Better

Good ratings at the Better Business Bureau can definitely be bought... it doesn't "always work". Just google it and you'll see the crazy ratings they give people. If you pay to become a certified member, your bad reputation gets wiped away. But, from what I've read, the degree to which this occurs varies depending on the people running the local BBB.
I'm not an Angie's List member. I was just sought out this subject after looking at the site and trying to decide if I wanted to pay to see what there is to see. That is what sucks - pay and then after you see what we have (or don't have) for your area, you can decide if you want to continue paying.

Is Angies list worth it

I am considering going the exterior painting section of AL and paying $85.00 per month to be seen on the list. In your option should I spend the 85 a month to join in San Diego or am i just throwing monies out the window.


You absolutely do not receive a referral for free. Dear Angie's List Employee get off this page!!

AngiesList and Mac

Don't blame the Mac. I'm 100% Mac and have no problems at all on Mac 10.4 with my iMac, my old Pismo Laptop, and my older 933 PowerPC G4. Your problem is probably not related to the Mac.

Angie's List Vs. Servicemagic

My house was flooded out only 3 days ago by a ruptured waterline. The water spewed out of the hose that supplies the toilet tank to the master bathroom. I was gone to work and my wife discovered the flooding when she got home at 7 PM. Both the master and main bathrooms, the master bedroom and 2nd bedroom with closets and the hallway to the entryway were flooded. We and a company named Service Master have been cleaning for all 3 days.

First of All, Service Master in the Vallejo Benecia area is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I cannot say anything at all negative about them. They have done an excellant job a cleaning and gutting out the damage. They supply a person who photographs and itemizes on paper everything that was ruined. She is so precise that she is not done and will be back on Monday.

Now to Angie's List. To have to pay to find out about reviews on who to get to repair out house is outrageous. When I found that I have to say that as tired as I am from the last 3 days, I still wanted to scream. Instead I found Servicemagic and used them. The four contractors that were listed for bathroom remodels and contracting all had been in business for at least 15 years. One is over 25 years old. You don't get to be in business that long as a contractor if you don't do good work or if you suck!! Because if you suck, the word or mouth will get to the point that you will never get any business.

Back to Servicemagic, the automatic email that was sent out to all four was replied by 2 within 1 hour of my entering in the information. I only entered in the information at 1 PM on today, Saturday, Feb. 14. They called me on SATURDAY!!!
Both of them are coming out today to do their estimates.

I called up my friends who have had remodels done in the past and mentioned the names that Servicemagic gave me and the said "oh Yeah, I forgot, thoses guys do real good work".

One caveat to all those that will be neding a remodel contractor in the future, call you local insurance adjustor and ask them who they would use and reccomend.

Angieslist VS Servicemagic...

it's obvious to me as a contractor that this issue may vary greatly depending on location !! i'm in Seattle and Servicemagic charges me anywhere from $20-$150 per lead depending on the scope of the project and if you dont think that expensive for me or profitable for them your crazy !! and how i love to run the lead (if they respond, if they dont i can get a refund so to speak, but it comes in the form of another lead) only to lose it to another contractor and now accountability really leaves something to be desired as i have no idea why or if the lead was ever legite to begin with. i have run sales calls where i am convinced they werent looking for a remodel as they could care less about the questions i had for them etc...
as for Angieslist, i have had great success with them or should i say my customers have made me appreciate the site, like another mentioned, i know their going to report so i'm trying as hard as possible to make them happy !! i do pay to stay towards the top by simply offering coupons and the customer chooses to have the search compile that way. also if offering coupons is beyond your scope of business sense then maybe you should stay further down the list !!!!!!
yes... i could probably figure out a way to get my own review posted but it would only affect me in the first few posts, if youre in business and as the list grows, youre eventually talking about 20, 30, 40+ reviews to be legite and competetive, so 2 or 3 fake reviews wouldnt matter, either youre good or youre not, and this site will accuratley judge that in the long run !!!! my only beef is that the # of reviews really does affect you and in a year i can do 20 bathroom remodels or one big house addition/remodel and at the end of the year the amount of reports could affect my standing. i wish they would add $ into their calculations

Angieslist coupons

Yes Angieslist business can offer coupons, however there is a heavy fee along with that. So I as a business owner have to pay, sign a contract to offer my customers a coupon??? Doesn't make much sense when the money Angieslist charges for the coupon listing could be going to make and even larger discount. Oh and if you decide to sign the contract with Angieslist and Coupon, you also get listed at the top even if you have C, D and/or F's. Compared to other companies who have all A's.

I had a customer put up a review that was an out right lie! I contacted Angieslist immediately with emails to prove it was a lie( maybe a competitor..and no they do not check that as they say they do).
They said their obligation was to the consumer and that the ad had to stay up for 7 days while waiting to hear back from the consumer. After calling them numerous times and explaining to them that this was slander and no contract they have would hold up to them not removing the complaint.(which business on the list should know, it a scare tactic on their part). I have several customers who are attorneys and they looked into this for me, so I am not pulling this out of my ass. As well as the customers love to tell you I found you on Angieslist as though saying I can put a bad review if you if you do one little thing wrong or I think you over charge me. It is Amazing to see the grades people give, got thier moneys worth, but they give a B for price.. B for Bullshit !

why angies list sucks

Is this Angies list commenting on this? This is the biggest crock I have ever seen. Work at a physicians office, some person put a negative comment about one of our physicians, not a patient of physician, called angies list to see how we could get it taken off, called once or twice a week for 4 weeks, then called the sales department and left a message, to call me, got a phone call back in 45 minutes. Complained and got no where, but I still get emails regarding us joining angies list. But you have to give them credit, somehow they have managed to sucker a lot of folks in...... I just wish I had thought of it. Kudos to Angie Hicks.... Where can you rate angies list on angies list?

Rate Angies List

Had my go-around with Angie's List...they truly do SUCK!

How's this for scamming??? They actually have a listing on there for themselves....75% + rate them as a 'D' on their OWN service!!! I rated them an 'F'.

BUT -- Here's the kicker -- You have to PAY to be able to see their review!!!!

Just got off the phone with them for the 5th time over the same issue, and told them they sucked even more because people had to pay to see their own BAD reviews!!! I said if Angie were serious about the obvious issues within her own company, she'd address the issues internally that had garnered them a 'D' average.

How many customers would they have if they put their own 'D' rating on their homepage???

RUN from them!

I had hired servicemagic for

I had hired servicemagic for my window cleaning business, and what you are saying about them is absolutely true. But what you didnt say or talk about was the fact that the contractor with the absolute LOWEST price always gets the job. So, now you not only have to pay the fee for the lead, you have to deal with the bottom feeders who will low ball the job just to have work! I dumped them after a week.

service magic customers do not always take the lowball !!

I have used ServiceMagic in the Seattle area several times. I do NOT use the lowest bid. I ask a lot of questions & use the contractor that actually KNOWS their business and will do the job properly. They have to be insured with legal workers + show expertise via recommendations on how the job will be done and why they recommend that way, also their quote needs to be complete, not vague. On my last job I am sure I used the most expensive contractor - the other two they sent me did not seem competent. On another occasion I was not happy with any of the 3 referrals and asked them to provide me with additional referral, which they did. Just my perspective.

referral companies, et. al.

I am a contractor and have used many different referral companies over the years. I was considering Angie's List and decided to do some research first, henceforth I came to this blog. Thank you all for the unbiased information. It is very helpful to see other sides of an issue.

Just to share some 'hopefully' useful information:

It seems, in my experience, that the larger the referral company, the more profit motivated they are and the less valuable for both the contractor and the homeowner. The big national companies, such as Service Magic, send a lot of leads out for the contractors, but do not verify the information. I used them and found a good number of the leads I paid for were dead ends (no response, no money, etc.). In addition, because they create instant competition by sending clients 3-5 contractors, companies that hold an excellent reputation are thrown in front of the client along with many questionable ones. Since the clients can't tell the difference, their choice eventually is reduced to price. With reputable contractor's prices being commensurate with their service, they are left out of the game.

I have found that the smaller local referral companies to be far more effective. They usually send out only a couple contractors to each client. They take the time to research the contractor and talk to their previous clients for reference. They also stay in touch with the client during the construction process to reinforce their involvement and help the clients with any questions. Generally, their cost to the contractor is higher, but the ratio of closed sales are too.

For the homeowner, this is a big plus. The local referral companies actually 'know' their contractors. They can actually answer questions posed about the contractor. Also, after interviewing the homeowner, they can know which contractor they represent would be a good 'fit' for them.

In conclusion, my only regret is that there are not more small local referral firms. The ones I use are excellent, but because the marketing costs are high to get leads, they don't produce the quantity of qualified leads as the national companies.

Suggestion: If you are a contractor, research and find local companies and use them. The more contractors that sign on, the more marketing dollars they will have to generate leads for you. The leads they provide you will also be more solid.
If you are a homeowner and need a contractor, use these local companies. They will be more responsive and accurate in providing a contractor qualified for your needs.

p.s. If you are looking to start a small business and be a part of the solution, rather than part of the problem, consider starting a referral company. Done correctly, you'll make some decent money and help your neighborhood be a better place to live.

A happy and safe New Year to all.

Referral companies, et. al.

I am a small remodeling contractor. I have used servicemagic for a year. I liked your thoughts on them. Its been kind of frustrating for me and yet with the slow times, it at least gives me hope, when I'm getting a lot of leads. How can I find a local referral company? or start one?

Online reviews

The Google website I believe is the best. All you have to do is register your business online. Which who wouldn't want to do. Now if you Google your business or even have an iPhone, Which a lot of people do, your business shows up on the map. Which I think is pretty cool. You can tell your customers to post reviews for you where they can rate you if they'd wish. It also finds reviews from many different sites and adds them to your business profile. For example, go there and search for a restaurant or salon, you'll find all kinds of information about a business if it's registered there and you'll see the different sites they get they're reviews from. You can add information to your Google map registered business too, i.e. website, hours of operation, phone number and last time I checked it was free. If I'm looking for a local business and I want referrals I use Google maps.

Good Idea except...

Google lists reviews from Angies List and ServiceMagic under your business name.

Wow, i want to let you know

Wow, i want to let you know that i really enjoyed reading your post , i too just came across this page first time and i am amazed at the anger people hold--- not you -- you are a great writer- level headed positive person ---thank you

starting a local or regional referral company

I am considering starting an online referral company and was doing research as to what Angie's list and to a lesser extent others are doing both right and wrong. I like the idea of consumer ratings to "enhance" the reputation of a company but not to damage it. I think it better if a company gets a negative rating either remove the company or at least have a public answer by the company getting the bad rating. I have a lot of ideas that I can't put all on this blog, but anyone willing to give suggestions would be well received. I'm also considering doing this for free at least until a decent database has been developed. Any suggestions???


I, too, contacted service magic with phone calls within an hour. Unfortunately half of the contractors didn't show or return an estimate. I had one extremely negative experience with a contractor who was clearly a scam artist-he tried to get me to hire his public adjustor at the bargain price of only 15% of what he negotiated (the going rate is 8-12%) and if I used anyone else 'they' would take '50%'. He then proceeded to talk about all the damage he saw - which oddly three other bidders didn't note- amounting to several thousand dollars more of damage. When I reported him to service magic in their follow up, the review did not appear and is still not on their website 3 months later. When I contacted service magic asking why my review was not reported and why I was not able to access the site to write another review (through the review request email they sent me or otherwise) I received no response. Apparently they are not interested in consumer feedback.


I saw where someone was complaining about what city they access, and the initial post here. I'm surprised that people will take the time to create a website with so much false information -it tells me there is an ax to grind somewhere -but I'm sure from the sound of things -no one will admit that.

I used to work for Angie's List.
1. NO annonymous reviews. When people sign up they have to give more than a fake email address. They give credit card numbers, which match addresses, and AL publishes a magazine -so the magazine goes out in the mail and obviously they would get it back if it wasn't right -and much more.
Do companies cheat on al? Sure they do =but the KEY is that they can't do it to nearly the level they do it on free sites like service magic, or yellow book, or google, or whatever. The reason is simple -they have to supply a lot of info up front with the membership, and once they are a member, that membership can only be used to report on the same company once every six months -doubtful someone is getting a new roof that often if you know what I mean.

So unlike the free lists - even if a company DOES report on themselves -they can only do it one time. Well -one report isn't going to get you anywhere and in popular markets -2-5 won't even get you anywhere -depending on which category the company is in. They still have to work hard and put in the time, unless their initial reports have a high enough rating.
Companies that get on the list with an overall grade of A or B -current reports, and no negative reviews with the better business bureau are invited to advertise. If their grade drops below a B, AL drops the ad. I know because those who sell the ads get the $ taken out of their check when an ad gets dropped. They WILL sometimes wait a month -until the next cycle to give the company a chance to bring the grade up if they know the company had been doing well, and the company knows they've done more jobs recently for other customers -just to see if the grade will come back up quickly -but that is few and far between.

Those companies can move up a little faster -but they have to have merit to begin with to do so AND they are required to offer a coupon offer to the members. So if the members are looking at 100 companies -and all of them have A's -but some of them -also good companies are making a special offer to give them a try -sure why not. The site isn't for companies -its for the members -so basically the companies are paying to get seen and get more jobs -which benefits them, plus they are giving a discount of some kind to al members. Its fair because no matter what -it still has to be a company that earned merit on their own to get on the list in the first place before they could advertise. It's not an opportunity for a company with F's -that takes a deposit from customers and runs -to advertise to get more customers.
Now -for the cheaters - here's what happens -they pay for one report , get on the list, and they sit, and sit and sit. My guess is the little group here who did that -experienced that initially. Then they got together and made reports on each other. Bottom line though is that these guys had to do a heck of a lot more than just create fake emails on yahoo to get those reports on there. They all had to purchase memberships, they all had to come up with addresses within each city, cards to match the addresses, a place for the magazine to be sent in the mail and email, -this is a pretty involved operation. Point being, 99% of the companies on Angie's List WOULD NEVER BOTHER TO GO THAT FAR. Too much trouble -too involved, they want too much info, etc etc etc. On free lists companies have their secretary's sign up, mom, dad, brother, sister, -cause its FREE -and all the info you have to give is an email address, and answer the one time verfication email and your done.
As far as the list working for them -well, if you are on there in a major market, (not a new one), and you only have a few reports, -you probably won't get calls -you have to build up a reputation. The members can read other reports that same member has made. The members are also smart enough to recognize a "glowing ad" when a company makes one -the companies that cheat are so obvious its hilarious. We had one company get on there and the wife made the report -and OMG -she went on and on about how the owners "lovely wife was so gracious and kind", and "she was very intelligent -not sure if this company could make it without her" -those are not comments the typical customer would make and they were caught pretty quickly. Some companies are dumb enough to use their own names! Others just make constant reference to the people that work there, etc -it really sounds like a commercial. Truth is -its flat out easy to distinguish in most cases, and even if we haven't noticed the report right away -the members do.
AND if they do cheat to get on, and they are a "bad company" "do shoddy work" -the very first LIVE member that uses them is going to submit a REAL report -and they can't cover it up by making 5-10 glowing ones to drive the bad one down like they do on service magic, and other places.

The people who pulled this off, put a lot of work into it -and most companies are honest -they don't bother with that stuff. And most cheaters don't want to have to PAY to do it, no matter how insignificant the $ is - remember -cheaters are trying to get something for nothing most of the time -they don't bother with all the crap these guys who posted here do. These guys who got together and cheated on AL -seriously -they have an ax to grind -a point to make -and they think they've made it -obviously they haven't. AL is growing by leaps andbounds and is very successful - and the members are happy with the service.

I'm also very curious to know what Knaddison does with his web business? He creates databases correct? Is there some kind of connection there? Was there? Why would a company that creates "databases and search engines" not like Angie's List so much they would go to all this trouble? And why does google always show this site in 4th place -exact same spot -every time on google searches made for Angie's List? I'd love to have the answers to those questions!

oh hai

I'm also very curious to know what Knaddison does with his web business? He creates databases correct? Is there some kind of connection there? Was there? Why would a company that creates "databases and search engines" not like Angie's List so much they would go to all this trouble? And why does google always show this site in 4th place -exact same spot -every time on google searches made for Angie's List? I'd love to have the answers to those questions!

I create websites, not databases. The websites are based on databases, but a website is not a database. The connection is stated at the top of my post:

Recently I was asked what I thought of Angie's List.

A friend of mine asked me what I think. No more, no less. I don't work for nor have I applied for a job for AL or a competitor. People often ask me what I think about technology topics because I have a good sense about technology and internet trends.

Regarding "go to all this trouble" - I don't understand what the so-called "trouble" is. I wrote a blog post about a topic that a friend asked me to write. Then hundreds of people commented on it. I responded to some of the comments. I don't see much "trouble" here.

Google shows this page in a variety of locations on their search engine results page, though often it is #4. Why? Ask them ;)

Angie's List

I love Angie's list. I have used them many times to find local repair people. So far, I have not been disappointed. I signed up on line and never had to speak to a salesperson from Angie's list.
I tried a competing listing service for information and that service kept calling me, even though I explained that I just planning the repairs. That service only wanted to make appointments for me and seemed annoyed that I wasn't doing the work right now.

Thank you. This has been one

Thank you. This has been one of the best rebuttals to all the other "CRAP" that people have been writing. Your real experiences and insights have been worth bunch.

angie's list

Holey Moley. You went to a great deal of time and trouble to explain the corruption that exists in online reviews. We all know that. Google listings are the prime example. Aunt Minnie gives Momma's Home Cookin' an A. I am under no illusion that the reviews I read on line are straight and true. The only honest thing to which I can attest is MY review and I am happy to insert it into Angie's List. If it helps others, great. I find Angie's list to be a helpful starting point... then I go to BBB and talk to my neighbors.

Your post is very old and mine will probably bounce.



You use "a something called MAC" that not even attracts hackers because of the minority of 9% of market. This is why no one cares if users of that thingy will ever be able to open their web sites. How about you start complaining on Angie's list which SUCKS too about Steve Jobs and his stupid toys?
On this one you haven't lost anything; it's not worse the upgrade to a PC for this idiotic list.
Take care and have fun with your toy!


Typical PC luddite - one of the most useless comments I've ever seen.


Mac has more like 11% of the market and is growing. The growth is in home use and that is the market that is growing with 20 to 25% of the homes using Mac products. I use PC's for work, Linux for web sites that I support and Mac's for family and home use. In other words I use the product that works best for what I am doing. The vast majority of individuals using Mac's today made the move to Mac's from PC's because the Mac works better for what they use a computer for.

SW Missouri doesn't find it useful.

I am a MAC user and have had no problem using all available areas of the Angie's list website. It might be that your computer is not updated completely. Most of the sites I have ever had problems with were remedied by updating my MAC. If your MAC is very old, it may not be capable of updating this way. The same problem goes for PC's too. So the fact is it IS compatible with MAC users. It seems pretty obvious that Angies List might not be the best choice for someone like you that lives so far away from a larger city that would provide more service workers. Frankly that's not Angie's Lists problem. I happen to live in a big city, and it is an Incredible resource to us. Even in smaller cities it would separate the good, consistently honest contractors from those who are not. In your case it seems a much better choice to ask a neighbor. In my experience in small towns or farms, word of mouth is usually the only way to go. The word of mouth acts like the Angie's List vetting service that people like us in the city don't have.
Good luck.

SW Missouri doesn't find it useful.

I am a MAC user and have had no problem using all available areas of the Angie's list website. It might be that your computer is not updated completely. Most of the sites I have ever had problems with were remedied by updating my MAC. If your MAC is very old, it may not be capable of updating this way. The same problem goes for PC's too. So the fact is it IS compatible with MAC users. It seems pretty obvious that Angies List might not be the best choice for someone like you that lives so far away from a larger city that would provide more service workers. Frankly that's not Angie's Lists problem. I happen to live in a big city, and it is an Incredible resource to us. Even in smaller cities it would separate the good, consistently honest contractors from those who are not. In your case it seems a much better choice to ask a neighbor. In my experience in small towns or farms, word of mouth is usually the only way to go. The word of mouth acts like the Angie's List vetting service that people like us in the city don't have.
Good luck.

Angie's List and why it sucks....NOT

I too, have a Mac and every part of Angie's list is available to me. You might need to pay the $5.00, to be able to browse the entire site. It's worth it, trust me. If there are no recommendations for your community, then you can be the first to start recommending the best, plumber, contractor, doctor, etc. When I find a person or company I use and feel strongly in any way, I put my experience and recommendations on Angie's list. It's so nice to find local people recommending companies and individuals that do a great job and also to read about the ones that don't.. It makes life easier when you have to hire someone and you don't know who to choose.

Angie's List and why it sucks....NOT

I too, have a Mac and every part of Angie's list is available to me. You might need to pay the $5.00, to be able to browse the entire site. It's worth it, trust me. If there are no recommendations for your community, then you can be the first to start recommending the best, plumber, contractor, doctor, etc. When I find a person or company I use and feel strongly in any way, I put my experience and recommendations on Angie's list. It's so nice to find local people recommending companies and individuals that do a great job and also to read about the ones that don't.. It makes life easier when you have to hire someone and you don't know who to choose.
As far as "Greggles", you probably need to get a life. I imagine you could badmouth Mother Teresa!

Thanks for your comment and

Thanks for your comment and for saving me some money. I too live in SW MO and use a Mac. Guess I won't be using Angies List.

Angie's List Sucks

I bought Angie's List service because I had a string of bad experiences with poor contractors. I felt the "protection" offered in supplying contractors who were tested "True & Blue" was worth the expense.
I bought a deal from the website- 2 men for 8 hrs of painting $399". I thought it sounded perfect for the trim on my house I wanted painted. The contractor came over and expressed no problems in getting it done and we set up a date.

Two painters showed up, and in 8 hrs did only 1/8th of the agreed upon work. When I called the contractor to complain, he said "they did the best they could", and hung up.
I called back to get his machine and left a message that I hoped we could be professional and resolve this and not get legal. His wife called me back and said she would come out. She did and agreed the men did nothing. She said she would come back and finish. That was two weeks ago. Now she said this wekend etc etc. You know the way this goes.

She told me she called Angies List to see what their obligation was and Angies List told them they satisfied their end by sending 2 men for 8 hrs and they didn't need to do anything else.
WOW! Is that customer service? I was told I could place a dispute, but that I couldn't get my money back because 2 men came for 8 hrs and that is what I paid for.

For all I know they painted for one hr and sat and picked their butt's for 7 more. DO NOT FALL FOR THE "BIG DEALS" OFFERED on ANGIES LIST. They will not stand behind the offer and you too will be screwed like I was.

SO much for the security I felt by their service.

Sadly Yours,
Lost Hope

2 men came and worked for 8

2 men came and worked for 8 hours. I don't see the problem. Obviously it takes longer than 8 hours to do that job. Sounds like you tried to do it the cheapo way and you got what you paint for.

Angies List

Never used Angie's list because I can find my own information from the internet, from friends and family, and other resources that won't cost a damn thing! Another scam-I laugh when I see these and the naive idiots who buy into it. Are we not born with brains and can investigate on our own what ever service we need?? Come on-if you can navigate the internet then you can find good services without paying internet swindlers to do it for you. I find it so amusing that people will buy into this scam-you should not have to pay for free info.

In my experience there's

In my experience there's simply NOTHING as good or detailed as Angie's List out there, at least for my city. And apparently my friends and families really suck at this. When I asked for roofing recs, two people gave me companies that have terrible records with Angie's List, the BBB, AND the state contractor's board.

I just finished the reroof; many of the companies on Angie's List had from 40 to more than 100 reviews. The company I hired wasn't in the paid section at the top, but I still found them, and they were absolutely fantastic.


I also can not use the service I Mac. I can use it on my PC at work, but my down time is at home and that is where my Mac is and therefore the paid service is of little value to me. I spent about 30 minutes with customer sevice trying to figure all this out and their solution was to do the searcing for me and give me names of vendors, etc. Not exactly what i am looking for.

they should fix this glitch or just say on the home page that this either does not work for Macs or has a problem with some Macs or whatever the truth is so Mac users don't spend hours trying to figure it out.


I also can not use the service I Mac. I can use it on my PC at work, but my down time is at home and that is where my Mac is and therefore the paid service is of little value to me. I spent about 30 minutes with customer sevice trying to figure all this out and their solution was to do the searcing for me and give me names of vendors, etc. Not exactly what i am looking for.

they should fix this glitch or just say on the home page that this either does not work for Macs or has a problem with some Macs or whatever the truth is so Mac users don't spend hours trying to figure it out.

You're wrong

I agree with you that Angies sucks.
However you're using a MAC is not the problem.
Angies list is standard html and other standrd web crap.
I can access them just fine. I have nose for PC nor MAC.
I use UNIX and Linux. No problem here.
You probably have a scrupt blocker on you're browser that blocks some of their flash, css or what ever.
My nighbor's kid has a MAC and he tried it and it works just fine.

So look a little closer to home for the problem.
I feel you are losing nothing by not being able to connect with them.
But good luck!

angies list-window washing

my brother bill has a successful window cleaning biz in pittsburgh.....recently one of his long time clients asked him if he was on angies list...he didnt the client pulled up window cleaning in pgh...he wasnt one of the 8 recommended companies.....but after reading the brother was quick to recognize that all 8 reviews were written by people in the biz....they used terminology that was only know in the biz..terms such as two tier work..etc......the average homeowner wouldn't know what that was

Why Angie's List doesn't "suck"

I can guarantee you that every review is processed by a real live person reviewing each claim. They are tireless in their search to weed out companies and reviews that are on the List falsely. Do some research.

Angies list does suck!

So what if every review is real. The point is this is it is a rip off. You pay to join and if you want to look in another city you have to pay another fee. This service should cover the entire State or regional area you are located in without extra cost. Then on top of that it is NOT user friendly. If you seek information about a subject it keeps taking you in circles. What a load of hype this whole experience was. BEWARE ANGIES LIST !

GUARANTEE -thats an awfully

GUARANTEE -thats an awfully strong word, & maybe you should actually read the originial article that started these comments! From lots of research on the internet, there are NO guarantees, except that most everything online that charges any kind of "fee", no matter what they say its for, is someone's way of putting money in their own pockets, & NOT anyone elses!!! I suggest YOU do some research.

No, they let their members

No, they let their members lie. The only thing that they let companies do is rebut. It is a joke they take from their members and solicit the companies. They don't care if their members lie. You should do some research yourself.

"Lying Customers"

But you know what? Your clients are not idiots. We can suss out the crazies among the reviews, too. It's when a company responds totally defensively, or IN ALL CAPS, that I get a little worried. A calm "We remember this client and he did not actually hire our services. We work extremely hard to satisfy our paying clients. Check out all our other great reviews." goes a long long way.

And if you have 10 different "crazies" writing "lies" about you, you might want to take a look in the mirror.

Angie's List, et al

My experience as both a business owner and homeowner has been this.
all of these solcial networking sites, yes, Angies List is a paid for Craigs list is a Yelp etc.
Angies List disqualified me as a Super Service Award winner because one of my customers is also a staff member. He'd been a customer for 8 years before he came to help out in the office 3x's a week. He is a retired man who needed something to do as his partner's illness increased and needed more care.
I had 10 A+ reviews for over a year with only 1 complaint from a member who felt entiteled to my services even though I did not feel the relationship wd. be a good fit. Her review was listed even though we never performed service. When I asked about it, instead of believing me Angies' List did a "thorough search" of all my reviews and found one coming from my staff member. It was slow in the office so he took it upon himself to write a review - Jon opened the mail, returned calls, did bookkeeping for me. On slow days i paid him to keep an eye on things and to come up with projects. So one day he wrote a review for us (his cat sitter for 8 years) and I was disqualified , stripped of my Super Service award and humiliated publically. Angies List , boston, absoloutely refused to hear me out and when they listened a little longer they next took the defensive tact and said they couldn't trust anyone who wrote their own review. Which was simply NOT THE CASE.
So I no longer believe in Angies List or any of the other lists, free or paid, they're all the same. I ask my neighbors for recommendations, get several, meet with contractors and choose between them based on service, references and cost . I don't choose the lowest bidder ever - unless they are consistantly the best reviewed
As a business I don't trust Angies List because they are so invested in collecting from the customer they have nothing to gain by finding out the truth. I was humiliated and deeply hurt by Anglies List who refused to even meet with me w/or withought my staff member. Even good reviews aren't considered valuable.

Holly's complaint about Angie's List

She doesn't realize it, but Holly's complaint confirms why many of us trust Angie's. An emplyee of hers wrote a fake "independant" review, Angies found it, and punished the company. Just what should happen! I do get tired of contractors whining about consumers who criticize them-- if you listened to your customers rather than hating them, they wouldn't downgrade you on Angie's List. I am disappointed that they take money from contractors for an Enhanced Listing, and do not tell the members, but I have received good referrals for two jobs, and in turn posted good reviews on all the contractors who bothered to return my call (about one in two) and give me an estimate (one in four!)

Nick:The Rude One

Holly was actually doing her part in the world as far as offering a job to an elderly man who definitely needed it. If you read what she wrote you would know that he was a customer previously before getting a job. It was a simple mistake that should be overlooked. Also I recall reading that she had a score of 10 which is an A, clearly saying that she provided great service. Your score probably isn't as great as hers or others for that matter so you feel a reason to voice youir opinion. If she was a nanny that took care of your kids and 10yrs later your daughter wants to work for her and review her, based on EXPERIENCE and not a PAYCHECK...what would you say then NOTHING...EXACTLY

Thank you Ms. KP

I am very touched that you took the time to read, understand AND stand up for me to Mr. Rude (Nick ?).
It really hurt my feelings to read what that fool wrote and I felt so defeated............until I read your reply to him.
You really understood my situation and were kind enough to say so. I thank you.
P.S. My customer is still with me (he just lost his partner of 35 years and one of his cats both to disease)
But I've stopped advertising on Angie's List. They really knee jerked at me back then, refused to "hear" my end of the story and turned their backs on me. It was a terrible, hurtful, humiliating experience. My customer and I still "Ha Ha" about it............poor guy thought he was doing the right thing. And he was - he's still my customer after all these years.

writing personal reviews

I believe it flattering when someone who works with or for you takes the time to write a review to promote your business. If that person truly feels you are doing a good job and offering a great service then why not? I think it shows honor and dedication, it shows that they believe in the place that they work and they stand behind their boss. I think it shows some motivation and loyalty, that they want your place to succeed and will help you to attain that success. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that. I personally have never posted a review for a company I worked for, but if I did, I would definitely post it for a service they provided and I would probably state that I was an employee who was proud to be working for such a great person, as seems to be the way he feels about you. I think it's sad to see some of the extreme negativity and rudeness as I've read here. None the less, I was amused by it and followed the thread this far.

If you wanted to promote your business online, with reviews, for free, I suggest a website linked to Google maps. We are a technical era. My husband uses this and has had great success. He has over 30 reviews and only 1 negative. He believes that to be only jealous competition as his comments are "how can someone have 30 reviews all being 5 stars". I can assure you my husband's reviews are all customers. Not family members, not friends. He just does an exceptional job, what's wrong with that? It can happen. I try not to lose faith in humanity, some people are just sadly bitter. I feel bad for them and then I carry on.

Good luck in whatever you do. :)

You're completely wrong and out of line

If you read the entire post you'd understand how my INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR , a retired person w/Minner's disease and is 1/2 blind has actually been A CUSTOMER OF MINE FOR OVER TEN YEARS. He did work on my books for me and some administrative tasks in my office because he didn't own a computer at the time.
It was AN HONEST MISTAKE BY AN ELDERLY GENTLEMAN CUSTOMER who thought he was doing the right thing.

He's still a customer but I no longer advertise on Angie's List.

Everyone in my family posts

Everyone in my family posts for a contractor in my family, additionally his friends post for him. These posts were not tirelessly reviewed as in your guarantee...

And I can prove otherwise.

And I can prove otherwise. My company is on Angie's List and we had one vindicitive SOB constantly trying to post "F" reviews on our profile even though "only one review every 6 months" is what Angie's List advertises. Really? Then why is it every time I have had to call to have the reviews left by this person removed I always hear from the customer service rep "so sorry.....not sure how that review go through. It's clearly against our rules. We'll remove it". Tireless my ass.


I was shocked at the cost of being a customer on their site? like they don't have advertising revenue? And it won't allow me to start looking for comments on building contractors near my own small hometown because I'm in DC. Oh, and BTW, it's a lot more than $5 a month, it seems like they wanted almost $7. doesn't seem like much until you multiply that by 12. But, they have other sign-up fees you can agree to for the long term. It isn't a huge deal for me, my grandfather was and my father is a contractor, so I'll already be hooked up when my husband and I each retire from the military and finally settle down where my family lives. I just wanted to get a jump on the process and start researching who I was going to hire to take care of different aspects of building our permanent home. The family will be doing most of it, but, I want some extra hands to take care of some of the fine detail work. Wish me luck!!!!

Angie's list DUBIOUS

Maybe its fine if you live in New York or some place where its been running for a long time. I live in West palm Beach and its of marginal value. They have very few listings. Nothing for upholsterers, nothing for furniture repair, almost nothing (they added names on their own) for window replacement. So unless you live in a place where they have a lot of listings, don't bother.

different cities

New YOrk is a huge market - West Palm Beach is a tiny market.

Houston is not so tiny.

Houston is not so tiny. Angies List had no useful listings when I checked it a year ago. Yet just to check it, you have to pay...and then you find out there are NO ratings, just a list of providers you could get out of the phone book, Yelp or Google. I had just moved here and didn't know anyone to call for work to be done. I finally found contractors the old-fashioned and best way there is: I asked my neighbors and realtor for references.

AL has been heavily advertising here lately, and my guess is that they're trying to get contractors and users to sign up. AL gets paid no matter whether there are any ratings worthwhile to peruse. Any business is entitled to make a profit, but making a profit off people by fraudulently telling them you have ratings when you do not is not right. They should first offer free memberships to get the ratings started, and then go to a paid subscription.

Oh, and guess what. While AL is building a business off your bucks, I bet they will later be headed to their friendly investment banker and an IPO where they will get paid even more when they sell the company to investors. And all the contractors and users who paid to use this USELESS service will have transferred their wealth to Angies List, one membership at a time.

Angies List Sucks

If a "legitimate" business wanted to spoof good reviews of themselves, they'd have to open at least half a dozen email accounts/home addresses/ et c.; all subject to random or periodic verification. (They do verify)

That's a separate membership fee for each address each month.

Why not just buy an ad, do a good job in the first place, and let word of mouth and Angie's List's legitimate customers take care of the rest?

You sound like the scammer to me. What are you afraid of?

What kind of idiot are you?

John, how fucking stupid are you that you say something so colossally moronic as

"You sound like the scammer to me. What are you afraid of?"

That's so idiotic it doesn't even make sense.

WHO is he scamming you god damned retard? He puts his NAME AND FACE on his reviews, and has answered many questions about his motivations. If you wanted to, you could probably find him in person pretty easily.

So, just exactly how fucking stupid are you?

Yes, we have an extremely

Yes, we have an extremely intelligent businessman using logical arguments to defend against criticsm. I wish you put your name, so we could give you more business, and receive some of the abuse you gave to John. Long may your bbusiness flourish!

From a contractor's point of view...

Angie's List is seen by some contractors as a valuable asset - until you have a customer with a disposition that will not ever be satisfied. This kind of individual is somewhat rare, thank goodness, but trust me they are an occasional "test" that every professional will encounter in probably every industry. It is troubling to think that your name, your credibility and your hard earned reputation can all be permanently damaged by someone who is having a bad day.

There is no notification by Angie's List to a business of the business' rating, which I take as meaning there is no appeals process. I have been listed on their site for three years and have never heard from them. That is, except to ask if I wanted to advertise on their site in the paid advertisement portion of the screen - which I thought to be odd considering I cannot pay to be listed. In my opinion this could lead to someone thinking that my name is there because someone other than myself put it there.

I as a business owner cannot access the information on Angie's List about my business, get this, unless I purchase a membership. I consider information about my business similar to my credit score, therefore I should be permitted to have access to such information.

What really "boils my potatoes" is that it is MY UNDERSTANDING that a potential customer, accessing information about me that I cannot access, can also see my personal credit report. My business is a sole proprietorship and therefore any credit information about my business is under my name. I consider this a major violation of my right to privacy and I believe Angie's List, if selling my personal credit information to the general public, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. At very least, they should be taken to civil court and held publicly accountable. There's a lawyer here in town that will get a phone call tomorrow (I just found out this evening about the credit report part).

Angie's List was started as a way of protecting the homeowner from the predatory or deadbeat contractor (and we all know there are plenty of them). Did it ever occur to the average homeowner that there are deadbeat and predatory consumers too? Somewhere in the process Angie's List has become a sort of credit bureau that can be used, unintentionally on behalf of Angie's List, to defame and perhaps even blackmail a business owner by a person with an axe to grind. I hope "Angie" realizes this and corrects it. In the meantime, the credit reporting is going way overboard. And this coming from a guy with a very nice credit score.

In all fairness, industries use the credit bureaus unfairly to keep people who don't play the debt game by the rules from advancing in life. For instance, you shouldn't need to know a person's credit score if you are hiring them to work in, oh say, a big box type of discount store! We'll save that topic for another site :)


You are wrong about so many things. Angie's list does send businesses their reports. They wouldn't even post one of my reports without contacting the vendor first. Subscribers can't see any credit history of companies! What weed are you smoking?

Wrong information

Angie's List only contacts a vendor AFTER a post is made and they only do that if you have created a business profile on their web site and requested a notice. Why doesn't someone start a ?
I have vast experience with Angie's starting in '06. We bought into their advertising game and it was costing me over $700 a month. I did; web advertising, key word advertising, web coupon, new homeowners list, member blast emails and call center advertising. After a year we dropped the service for lack of results. Yes, they do put a higher listing for paid advertisers and even though we qualified as a Top Pick because of our ratings, the results I received were no where near what Angie's said their numbers reflected. In my four years of having contact with Angie's I have had 5 account reps. Each one starts new in trying to sell me on their services. We were awarded the "Super Service Award" for '07 & '08 and because we did not have enough grades submitted in '09, they took our database to cross check with their member list and call each one trying to encourage a listing for us. this is a hook to keep the business engaged with Angie's. They also used our database to contact our customers and solicit their membership. They will pay us $25 for every new member we send them. Before any vendor becomes involved in any advertising with Angie's read their contract very closely. You can not opt out unless you pay the full amount they would have been due. Once I stopped advertising and expressed my opinion about their lack of results and their hard nose opt out policy, I no longer receive any calls from them.

I had a very unpleasant

I had a very unpleasant customer (I won't say what he/she really was) who posted an extremely nasty report full of defaming statements and downright lies over two years ago. Angies List NEVER NEVER contacted my company, and I only found out about the awful report being online a month ago from a potential customer!
So I say BEWARE of Angies List. They are not what they pretend to be!

A Community Based Alternative to Angie's List & ServiceMagic

I've used ServiceMagic and have heard first hand complaints from Contractors about ServiceMagic. Your post about Angie's list shows that Angie's list also has some drawbacks. I just launched a site called whose goal is to let the community speak and identify the best Pros. Pros can respond to all reviews, good and bad. Let the dialog begin! brings Pros & Homeowners together. Pros can find new business for free. Check us out @

Contractor Solution Network helps Roofers, Dry Wallers, Landscapers, Architects, HVAC, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, and more. If you're a home service professional, you should be on Is New And Improving

To Anonymous, is a new business that is trying to help Pros & Homeowners by creating a community where Pros can find new business and Homeowners can find the right Pro for their needs. Yes, there are many zip codes that do not have Pros in them. We're working on remedying that and welcome help. We're not a community, not a deep pocketed firm like Angieslist and ServiceMagic. It is also possible that there is a bug. If that's the case, please use the contact form on the site to let us know.

If you want to see a free alternative to Angieslist and ServiceMagic, then let Pros know about We're here to help Pros & Homeowners and always welcome feedback on how to make the community better for all.



new and improving

I searched my zip in memphis TN with the 40 mile radius, and was unable to find any contractors in many common catagories, until I got bored and gave up... not looking so good for contractorsolutionnetwork

Absolutely. Angie's list is

Absolutely. Angie's list is a worthless sham, it's biased, and ignores the reality of the rare but damaging crazy consumer. I would never pay or advertise with them.

Example: We had a potential customer call us (thank god we never did business with him) who posted a scathing report based on misinformation and malicious intent. He failed to confirm a tentative (to be confirmed) appointment. When he did not confirm we made numerous attempts to reach him - he did not answer his phones. He then called a little after at the appointment time and asked where we were, he then proceeded to verbally abuse the office staff, then myself. Turns out that he was having a personal crisis, so he took his own personal problems out on us, - now we have all great reports, - plus this one mean scathing hateful angry report from a mentally disturbed stranger .

We never even met the guy. A non- customer had a negative impact on us - and we did nothing wrong. Unbelievable!. It almost makes us want to boycott angies customers altogether - because the potential for the rare nut-case damaging your business is so great. there is no winning - angies should be shut down. .. and held liable for their malicious reports' damages.

problem is, loss of business is almost impossible to prove.


Has happened to us as well. Angies' List did nothing to help us. the customer is always right. Except they weren't a customer. and the customer who was a customer who wrote a glowing review was also a staff member (after being a customer for 8 years he came to help in the office and made the simple mistake of using downtime to write a nice review about us, his pet sitter of 8 yrs , from the office computer.
Angies list wrote a curt nasty letter and refused to hear the other side. Yes ANGIE coins have two sides. It's a scientific fact.
Yelp is just as bad. Their demographic is the whining new professionals who use the word awsome to describe toilet paper , shoes , rainbows, frenchfries, traffice conditions. etc.....Theirs is a generation of entitled complainers.
ServiceMagic is a factory of brand new businessess (we had a contractor show up who had only been in business 2 months.
Just like every other social networking site, these "review" lists are people who site at computers all day complaing about other peoeple who sit at computers all day. Work ? they can't get dirty.
I'm cynical about any and all social networking sites.
Except Craigh's List. Then , I'm downright scared. We were horrified by 90% of the Craighs list members that we had contact with.
But the sites you pay for are the tricky ones - they have more too loose if they loose the paying customer than they do if they loose the A+ vendor.
Best solution ? do the legowrk yorself, ask around, do the research, interview and check references.
If you doh't have time for all that then put the project on hold until you have time.

credit reports

I think that credit reports are the Devil's tool! We should all build our own credit portfolio and ignor anything that has to do with credit reporting. Tell them to pound sand.

Angie's List Sucks

Angie's List also has an automatic renewal policy for those using credit cards.

There's no communication with them on the renewal -- they just ding your card.

When I called to complain, they blithely told me that I had agreed to it in the membership agreement, and they didn't understand what the problem was.

However, they did offer to make a refund.

I agree that many of the reviews are biased -- contractors who are really pretty lousy have great reviews, and I haven't had much luck finding good contractors on Angie's List.

The policy for auto renew only adds to the questionable image. I think asking your friends is a much better way to go.

There's more

I am an employee of Angie's List and I'll try to make this as unbiased as possible and I'll give both the pros and more importantly the cons, from what I've seen, that I've heard from the hundreds of members and ex-members that I've talked to.
Firstly, Angie's List does charge a membership fee, some areas are more expensive than others and some are even free but that's based on the amount of feedback to service providers (SP's) in your area. Secondly, some areas are huge and members are farther than the SP's are willing to go. Some areas also cover multiple states which some members are frustrated by because the SP's aren't licensed to work in other states. Next, Angie's List is on an automatic billing cycle so if you forget to call and cancel your membership it will be automatically renewed, but I've listened in to some calls that I've transferred over to the Customer Service Agents and they are very willing to cancel the membership and reimburse the member for the charged fee. Also, Angie's List does show the SP who provided the feedback, which can be a good thing IF the SP is willing to take it constructively and improve the level of their service instead of negatively responding against the member.
Angie's List pushes us to get the maximum amount of reports possible, which is also a downside because sometimes members do get upset that we push so hard for feedback, but we do it so we can increase the amount of feedback in the area for the members. We talk to 150 to 350 people a day trying to increase feedback from all over the country and I know that member's also get emails asking for feedback. As far as people being able to put feedback on their own companies or companies they are in competition with, before you submit the report there is a disclaimer that you must agree to all three sections before you submit the report and one section states "Do you confirm that you do not work for, are not in competition with, and are not in any way related to the service provider in this report?". So if someone does post feedback on their own company or for competition it can become a legal issue against them, not Angie's List. Also, members must agree to another part of the disclaimer that the report is based on their FIRST HAND experience or experience which they are authorized to discuss, which means that they either witnessed the work or the work was done on their property or to their property, not their neighbor's property.
My Feedback:
All in all I feel like Angie's List's main focus is on the customer, but they also have to make it a profitable business so they will charge SP's money for the advertisement and coupon promotions and also the variation in charges for different areas, ie. some areas are more expensive because Angie's List has to spend more time processing feedback through email and through the phone calls in some areas over the areas that have less participation and feedback from members. Also, saying that Angie's List "sucks" is a collection of information and from the sound of it, it sounds like your friend was biased against Angie's List, which would also push you to be biased against it as well. Working for AL has biased me for it, but that doesn't mean that I don't see the pros and as well as the cons. Saying that it's BS that Angie's List acts in the interest of the member is BS. Motive may be different, but if a company wants to stay in business it will act in the interest of the member. In AL's case it's trying to get feedback to provide to the member, but some members actually refuse to give any feedback whatsoever, which is outside of AL's control but they do all they can to increase the amount of feedback available. Any legitmate company that anyone has ever worked for tries to make the customer happy to improve and increase their own business.

Angie's List is just a little dirty.

Our company got lots of reviews on Angie's List in the early days of the service. We were always the first company listed as we had the most reviews and the most highly positive reviews. An AL rep called to ask if we'd give discounts to AL members, since most members were joining to get discounts. We aren't a discounter, and our clientel typically aren't coupon clippers, so we declined. No issues at all, everything continued as it was.

Over the course of the next two years we got calls from increasingly pushy salesmen telling us we'd get more visibility if we paid a fee. Then our number of reviews dropped dramatically. Then we got moved to the second page, even though we had five times more reviews (highly positive) than anyone else in our industry listing.

We decided that it might be worth the $150 per month and agree to let AL run part of our business (being forced to offer discounts) to get AL to put us back on the first page, even though it felt wrong to give in to this manipulation. Once we started paying, we were put back on the front page and eight very nice reviews showed up today. this leads me to believe that these reviews had been held back until we paid, or AL staff is hounding customers for reviews to show us the value of "paying to play." I'm waiting to see if the numbers drop again and we get a call telling us the reviews will increase as soon as we agree to pay more...

Yes, Angie's List is a business that needs to make money. They're only honest in comparison to loony reviews sites like Yelp or outright scams like the BBB though, and I'm disappointed now that I've seen behind the curtain.

You are probably correct!,

You are probably correct!, but you also are in business for one purpose only right? Make money?
So if Angie's list is making you money why complain:-). Cheers.
I hate BBB but I still have to pay for it so that customers that see my rating can trust me.
BBB is a scam as well. They base your rating on the size of company.
For instance if you get 1000 complaints but you are a 100,000 employee company, your grading will still be an A+
But I still pay them. :-)

I'm a 'SP' and plenty

I'm a 'SP' and plenty biased.
I did not even know that I was mentioned on AL until I accidentally found my business name with a code number. Since I had nothing to do with AL and did NOT want to sign their service contract I called and found out there was a bad review but I had to sign the contract (which I told AL that I did not want to sign) just to find out the bad review. After signing I found one review with a 'D' - this was posted 4 yrs ago about a job done 6 years ago. In this last FOUR YEARS I have not been able to respond to this one review. In discussing this with AL; their responses have been to get more PAYING members. Reviews can be posted but it is not possible to find on AL site. I spoke to their rep who could not find it but did send some forms so I could get members for them; also such reviews do not really count in a SP'S rating. Since I refuse to ask my clients to spend time and miney to report to AL or all the many other review sites; this bad review will sit FOREVER on AL's site. I call this extortion and a scam!

i am a contractor listed on angies list

They do try to sell me very expensive advertising scenarios and some of the sales people have been overly pushy and quite rude in the process. If I would have known angies list subscribers are only allowed to post one review every six months I would have known the reason I didn't get many reviews that would have helped my business and 2009 super service award. Although the more good reviews a contractor gets the more business he. gets rite so why doesn't angies list allow those customers give the needed reviews and only if they are paying them more than the $5 per month. Then they thy to sell me the contractor way over priced advertisement. I got the award 2010 but haven't received a call for work in six months. So I've never paid them a dime. But have received good work in the past


BLAH BLAH BLAH..... That is comparable to your entire review or whatever you want to call it!!!!! Once I read the word SUCKS i formed my opinion of your character...... AND STOPPED READING..... I'm sure any independent thinker did the same. HOW DO LIKE THEM APPLES!!!!

I would hope the the little people "consumers" would not pay

Why can't the business's pay? Typically the consumers are the ones that end up with problems. I would rather research myself via bbb and other ways. Not knocking someone making money but I just really think the business's should pay to be members.

Because then the only

Because then the only businesses that will be available for the members to browse are businesses who have plenty of money to throw at advertising. This way, even a small, new business will have a chance-- meaning consumers get a chance at working with a business that will actually care for them.

My boyfriend works for a small, three-man tech support company that gives genuinely personal, friendly, excellent service. Because of Angie's List, they don't have to worry about going out of business to the Geek Squad, who do shoddy, overpriced work and don't care about their clients. Their company has won the AL service award five years running, and their client base is just the right size; and every one of those clients who has come to them through Angie's List has received really commendable service at a considerable discount.

All in all, I don't think $5/month is a lot to pay, considering how much people are saving.

On a side note, although it is very unfortunate that vindictive non-customers and customers who just didn't get their asses kissed enough can leave a poor review, my boyfriend's company has received enough GOOD reviews that an occasional black mark isn't very relevant. And AL has made a point of getting rid of clearly faked bad reviews.

(The MAIN problem they've had with AL is the sense of entitlement that AL clients seem to have that clients they get in other ways don't have. And, as someone mentioned upthread, the occasional client who will try to bully them by threatening to leave a bad review if they don't get some unreasonable thing they want! Some people.)

paying for access

Perceived value is the core business model for Angie's List. They have left the door open for sites like and others to create an ROI on marketing model to allow service pros to lean on online lead generation services as their marketing arm long term and for customers to have free access to these companies.

Angies List

If everyone that hires work to be done from Angie's List, would write a true review of the work performed and the promptness of the the company, it would be great. I have used two of her listings. The first one was great in every way and I wrote a very complimentery review, but the second one was not as good, and I have not written a review on them but I'm going to do it right now. I see now how important it is.

Angies list is what it is. My

Angies list is what it is. My company is on angies list. We have an A+ there and have never gave this company a dollar. That being said when you need are services in our area of expertise we are not on the top of the search list, we are on the bottom. We have a a+ for service put we are on page 4. Angies list services are 30 a month and they will put you on top no matter your score. thanks for looking out.

Five years later and not much change in opinion

Wow! Five years later and the emotion is alive and well!

I use my network to ask for referrals.

The quality of the review is only as good as the person giving it. The internet is pretty anonymous and it allows people of all walks of life to say things they wouldn't if their mother was listening. There are good and bad service providers as there are good and bad customers.

I personally would never offer a recommendation on to any company and pay money to do so. On the other hand, I'm happy to contact those on my Facebook or Linkedin network for a recommendation. I trust a stranger on Linkedin much more readily than I would ever trust a stranger on Angie's list. Why? Simply because the links to others have in inherit trust built into it. I only connect to people I know and trust or to someone who is a trusted link

Fortunately, my customers are willing to tell me when my performance is not what they expect.

Those of us in the business of serving customers need to be willing to walk away from an opportunity.

used to work for angies list super service award winner

I used to work for a electrical contractor that has up to this point received 4 straight super service awards. They used to send me out (2 years experience, 2 years away from taking the ma state exam) with a younger man who had never even picked up a hammer, never mind installed a electrical outlet. Rate that we were billed out at was $170 hour, I know because I made up the bill. Not only is this unethical but it is against the law. No apprentice is allowed to practice electrical work out of sight of a licensed electrician. Not only that they would have me resell used electrical products such as panels, circuit breakers, and lighting fixtures that we had taken out of other residencies. I was originally instructed to do a standard markup of 30% on all materials..... until it came to some... mark up on wire = 150% price on a used ac disconnect (normally $6 new at home depot) = $50, mark up of 4" square + blank 190%. "We" the employees would come up with a budget for a job, never hard money.... If we ever finished early, before the budget was met we were instructed to "clean stuff up" because we had plenty of time left as long as the homeowner wasn't home. I could go on for a while. I just wanted to let people know what a 4 time super service award winner was like behind closed doors

used to work for angies list super service award winner

I used to work for a electrical contractor that has up to this point received 4 straight super service awards. They used to send me out (2 years experience, 2 years away from taking the ma state exam) with a younger man who had never even picked up a hammer, never mind installed a electrical outlet. Rate that we were billed out at was $170 hour, I know because I made up the bill. Not only is this unethical but it is against the law. No apprentice is allowed to practice electrical work out of sight of a licensed electrician. Not only that they would have me resell used electrical products such as panels, circuit breakers, and lighting fixtures that we had taken out of other residencies. I was originally instructed to do a standard markup of 30% on all materials..... until it came to some... mark up on wire = 150% price on a used ac disconnect (normally $6 new at home depot) = $50, mark up of 4" square + blank 190%. "We" the employees would come up with a budget for a job, never hard money.... If we ever finished early, before the budget was met we were instructed to "clean stuff up" because we had plenty of time left as long as the homeowner wasn't home. I could go on for a while. I just wanted to let people know what a 4 time super service award winner was like behind closed doors

dryer repair

Angie's List is the biggest bunch of bullshit that's the only reason she uses her first name is because she doesn't want to be associatedI called someone because it was on Angie's List I'd like to meet Angie

I believe this sucks too.

I believe this sucks too. They ask you to sign up and then when they have all your information -- which membership do you want to pay for? Hell, none I thought this was free. Now they have all my information. That's ok I know where to go back to the tradition, reliable CRAIGSLIST. ANGIE WHO?

siding installation contractor

A potential contractor must have the necessary credentials and experience to do the job perfectly. A good way to choose a contractor is to interview them. This will assure you of good customer service. So, think twice before you choose a siding installation contractor.

Angie's List

1st Question - Do you own a home?
2nd Question - Have you ever bought a home in a new community? In other words, have you ever moved across the country to a new place where you have no idea who might provide the best service in a particular category?

Having bought homes numerous times in new places, Angie's List is at least a starting point. It paid for itself about 10 times over when we had to replace our furnace last October. We got bids from Angie's lists top 3 Heating/Cooling repair and installation listings. The lowest bidder happened to also be #1 out of about 30 listings on the List. The Company was outstanding, fixed an existing circulation problem the other 2 had missed, and still came in $600 under the next lowest bid.

If you don't own a home or you own one in a community where you've lived for a long period of time, you don't need this service. But for those of us new to a community with no solid history or background on home repair type businesses which are notoriously the most unscrupulous, Angie's List is better then just blindfolding yourself and throwing a dart at the yellow pages which is what we would have been left to when we purchased our new furnace.

By the way - I'm a construction professional - so I have some knowledge of building systems - and even at that - going through the yellow pages for residential type services, making the calls, and asking the questions you need to ask to sort out the good and bad is incredibly time consuming. I'll pay Angie's List $60 bucks a year to narrow the list for me.

Your husband & you are stupid.

Why don't you use the BBB. It's free for customers and gives you complete history. Your a plant for Angies list or really stupid.

Stand by my Comments

Anyone who writes "Your husband and you..." should not be calling others stupid.
Regardless, I am in the midst of $150,000 home remodel and using a number of contractors found on Angie's list since my husband and I are still farily new to this area. Things are going remarkably well at about 30% through. For example, the Fireplace Contractor found on Angies List is done. They completed the removal of the old fire place and complete install of new with a larger flue up through 3 floors of the house, perfectly executed, clean, quick, done in 4 days.
I bid the remodeling project work to both Angie's List and non-Angie's List contractors. About 50% of the work is being done by Angie's List contractors. Most of the other 50% were referred by Angie's List contractors when I pre-bid interviewed them for the project. So at this point, once again, I feel that I've gotten my money's worth for the next 3 years which is my subscription level.
No, I am not an Angie's List employee. I am architect who works for a Chicago Firm and travels from my home (not Chicago) to company sites across the country. I needed a database of potential "good" firms as a starting point for my project. I didn't have a network of "co-workers" in this community to gather data from. My husband's co-workers (he and they are all soooo "stupid" as Academicians at the top university in the country in their field) are not particularly verse on construction.

"Your husband and you..."

Sorry, not to be picky, but "Your husband and you..." is not correct gramatically. In this case the first person had it been used is the word "I". However, the writer did not refer to himself. He used only the second person (you) and the third person (your husband). The rule is this: When 2 or more personal pronouns/nouns in the singular number are connected by "and," the second person precedes the first and third, and the third person precedes the first. In this case, since there is no first person, the second person (you) precedes the third person (your husband).

For example:
You and I (second precedes first)
You and your husband (second precedes third)
You and your husband and I (second precedes third precedes first)
and the obvious
Your husband and I (third precedes first)

Sorry - - too much sentence diagramming in my past.... :-)

But you are correct - I wasn't paying attention to the spelling since the grammar issue had caught my attention....

Not sorry to be picky

"Sorry, not to be picky, but "Your husband and you..." is not correct gramatically"

You are wrong.

I have no idea why people like you who clearly don't know what the fuck they're talking about always pipe up during these discussions.


Get over it, and stop grammar trolling.

No, YOU are wrong. Who

No, YOU are wrong. Who writes, "your husband and you" and thinks it's correct?!! Stupid American. I bet you thought ex President Bush was brilliant.

Who cares about grammar these

Who cares about grammar these days. I graudated high school in 1966 and since then I have heard the Enlish language destroyed. I give up...........................

Grow Up!

My God there are some condescending assholes visiting this site! Kicking around what is and what is not grammatically correct - please! Pathetic, really. If you were really that bright, you wouldn't need to point it out.


I agree with the smart woman (I'm a working class man) who corrected the person's grammar. In our society, you don't call someone stupid if you're less bright than the person you're challenging. Most of us 12-year educated folks can hide behind our limited knowledge of English, but to challenge someone on an open forum when grammatic aptitde is being questioned is pretty dumb, and funny too.

You shouldn't

"I agree with the smart woman (I'm a working class man) who corrected the person's grammar. "

Then you're stupid too, because she was wrong.

The BBB is the biggst scam on

The BBB is the biggst scam on the planet. I once got ripped off by a BBB registered "Platinum" member. All BBB did during the dispute was act as a middleman and forward our (the company's letters and my) letters back and forth to each other. That is it, nothing more. They did absolutely nothing to actually take a proactive role and choose sides etc. Also, a lot of the information that the company provided to BBB when they registered with them was bogus including how long they had been in business and the fact that they were not even licensed to do business in the state. After I informed the BBB of these facts, the BBB still allowed the company to retain their "Platinum" status and my complaint never even showed up. BBB is nothing more than a false sense of security. BEWARE!!!!!!

BBB is the biggest scam

This is absolutely true. As a business owner in the replacement window field, I have had frequent contact with my local BBB office. I am no longer a member as of mid 2008. I have a great rating with the BBB, but I disagree with their policies and procedures. The public falsely thinks that the BBB is there for their protection. The BBB is just like any other business: profit driven. My first complaint is that 2 people who did not buy any product or service with my company were allowed to make complaints due to advertising issues. My ads are the same ones approved by the BBB and run in their local member directory. My second complaint is that there is a direct conflict of interest when a competitor of my company is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. That was a really hard year! Overall, my company has 3 complaints in the last 36 months. Pretty great when we have completed over 2800 jobs in that time period.

You are correct about the BBB

Many, many years ago, I went to a business that was using bait-and-switch tactics. I called the Better Business Bureau of Houston to register a complaint. The woman I spoke to was extremely firm: "We do not take complaints against members, only against non-members. I'm sorry, that company is a member. Thank you. Good bye."

I recently saw an article in the Houston Chronicle which detailed this exact same behavior, but it was within the last 2 years. They haven't changed in, what, 30 years?

Since all you have to do to become a member, and therefore protect yourself from any complaints no matter how you misbehave, all you have to do is pay the membership fee. Nothing else. That makes the BBB a protection racket. Plain and simple. The BBB in other cities may not operate this way...but you have no way of knowing unless you call your local BBB and ask to place a complaint against a member. Then and only then will you know if they are honest.

Angieslist AND the BBB suck!

I can only agree with the previous posters. The BBB in each city is a franchise, which is sold for a lot of money, because a BBB is a cash cow forever. A well -developed BBB can have many thousands of "members" paying $500-800 each every year for the privilege of a $0.02 sticker you can put on your trucks or on your storefront. Our local BBB grosses somewhere around four million every year, every year, for providing the stickers and a website listing (plus of course the telemarketers' sales commissions.). I estimate the owner is clearing several million every year. (Of course, he had to come up with the millions required to buy the franchise in the first place).
In recent years, the BBB has become increasingly desperate with the arrival of similar scams such as AngiesList, Service Magic, Yelp and all the other referral sites. Six months ago, they started sending our company postcards saying they had received "18" enquiries about our company. The next month we got a card saying they had received ""22" inquiries about our company. This in a very slow month when we only got perhaps 10 phone calls from all sources. Simply not possible. To add insult to injury, the postcards are obviously a sales pitch, and we are already members!
I called them and asked them where they got these figures from, and to basically prove what they were alleging. Buck got passed, promised phone call back. never heard from them. I called again to complain--no response.
It is true that many older consumers think that the BBB is some kind of federally-funded consumer protection agency, when it is an absolutely 100% private, for-profit business. The BBB's problem is that younger people--the future--don't know what the BBB is and/or don't trust it, and they use other sources. But the older business people still think it's a cheap seal of approval and keep coughing up the dough.
Greggles--you need a new forum. The BBB needs to be exposed as much as AngiesList, if not more so.

St. Louis BBB Employee Response

Speaking only for myself, as an employee with the St. Louis Better Business Bureau office, we take complaints daily against accredited businesses. This year alone, our office has expelled at least 18 businesses for violations of our accreditation standards. We have had multiple requests from businesses with low grades asking to be accredited with the BBB, but have had to reject those requests because of their low grades. If there is anyone who would like additional information about the operation of the St. Louis BBB, you may email me directly at [email protected]. Sincerely, Bill Smith, Trade Practice Investigator, BBB ST. Louis.


BBB doesn't give anything close to a complete history. BBB simply tells you if they have had any complaints about a company - no details and no positive reports either.


I can not comment on Angie's List because I never belonged to Angie's List and I won't ever belong. I can comment on Servicemagic and no company sucks as much as Servicemagic. The are a false and fradulent advertising company and that is exactly what they are. They charge the incompetent contractors that they give leads to so that they can come out to your home and rip you off. I hired someone thru Sevicemagic and with all my complaints and even after they sent someone out to my home to inspect the bad work that the contractor did. Servicemagic's representative agreed to everything that I had stated all the work that was done was horrible. I had to hire someone else after losing $5,000.00 dollars on one of their contractors. After all that they are still advertising for the slime ball. They never even printed my review they only print the good ones. As long as the slime ball contractor keeps paying them to send him leads it really doesn't matter that I lost $5,000.00. I actually could of sued but it isn't easy. I had several contractors tell me even one of Servicemagic's representatives say that all the work had to be redone, but no one wants to be called to court and have to take time out from work and you need three written statements from three contractors. After 3 1/2 months of being tortured by this rotton contractor I really did not want anything else to do with him or the scum company Servicemagic. I do not know if you could mention the Contractor's company name but it is Ecuasolutions USA. The owner use to be in business with a different name but with Servicemagic backing him he will always get business whether he is any good or not, so he probably will not have to change his company name again.


so true. service magic is false info for anyone out there. your best bet is asking your neighbors and local fire department (who is more honest than a fire fighter?) for recommendations.

Unethical contractors

If a person has a problem with work done by a licensed contractor they should contact the state licensing board. I believe they have up to 10 years to do so (here in California). The board at least in California is in favor of the person who hires the contractor and the contractor is forced to pay for the job to be completed correctly at no charge to the customer.

CA Contractors License Board

Good luck getting the license board to do ANYTHING on your behalf. They are way too understaffed to handle the volume of complaints they get and, given California's budget crisis, their backlog will only get worse. They can sometimes help, if there is an obvious legal or code violation by the contractor. (They do not automatically favor the consumer, as your post implies.) And, even if they do agree with you the consumer, they have no way to force the contractor to return your money or redo the job, apart from revoking the contractor's license. If the contractpr is a shyster, he or she won't care.

stop complaining, you should

stop complaining, you should not have gone with the cheap unlicensed contractor. Let me guess, also had a hard time communicating with them? typical pay the least expect the most - u get what u pay for

I looked the business up it

I looked the business up it 's a mexican what do you expect? You went with a Mexican you got what you deserve.

Another reason Angie’s

Another reason Angie's List sucks is that when you post a review, the person/company you are reviewing gets the report, AND YOUR FULL NAME. I don't know about you, but I live in a small town. I have an important negative review I wanted to leave on Angie's List, but didn't want the realtor in question to get my name since she is a family friend (not of mine). So, if all Angie's List wants is positive feedback, I guess that would work, but for honest, negative feedback, I feel you should be allowed to have your privacy protected.

Angies list gives out full name of person with complaint

No they do not. I have had someone post a nasty report against my company and tried to find out how to correct the problem, they will not give you the name. But they will however, or so they say, contact that person and see if they would like to work it out with you. So here you are, on "THE LIST", trashed and have no idea why. If they do not want to work it out, you have a bad report and that is the end of it, you must live with it. started accepting services on thier site!

I'm in real estate and Interior Living has a better domain name than Angies and they are going to be doing the same as Angies list for free. Their site really has really evolved in the last year it might not look like much but after they skin the site more people will take them seriously. I am retiring this year because of the weak economy but Its probably been the best site for leads that I didn't have to pay a dime for. Its sites like this that will push Angies list out. Maybe not today but I give it 2 years and they will exceed Angies list.

More power to them

Good response here. And in my opinion, the word sucks does suck! And if Angie's list is helping others and a vast majority of users enjoy it. Then more power to them.

Not only are you an idiot...

" And in my opinion, the word sucks does suck!"

Not only are you an idiot, but a hypocrite as well.

The best part, however, is that no one cares about your opinion, primarily because you suck.

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How is your Angie's List stock doing? I agree 100% with the OP.

Anon Ymous

"I will survive"

Hey I said the very same thing when I began to hear all of the idiotic propoganda for the company.

I also said to myself: "screw angie and her list". SOunds like just another stupid service inveted to make money from very little effort.

I have survived this long making my own decisions and hiring services based on my own intuition, I think Ill continue to survive on my own, and keep my 5 bucks in my pocket.

PS Im a business owner, and I havent had to do one bit of advertising in the past 7 years, still receiving more calls than I can handle. I must be doing something right.

Have fun kiddies.


I ended up on this site through a search for "Angie's List". I thought I'd look for a service company here in Orlando, and didn't realize that "A.L." requires paid membership. No thanks! As Mr. Iota, I am perfectly capable of doing my own research, and CERTAINLY will never pay to read anonymous referrals.

I too am a successful businessman that has not ever paid one thin dime on advertising. My sole expense in that area was $15.00 for 1000 business cards about ten years ago, of which I still have 500, and I don't even hand those out anymore. I stay very busy, and it is common knowledge that I only work for people who have been referred by an existing client. That's right, I'm the one who chooses, NOT the client. Ahh, the satisfaction of true artisanship! As Mr. Iota stated so very astutely, "Have fun, kiddies."

I agree

I am a veterinarian and I started limiting my emergency work to existing clients and people who are referred by existing clients. That worked beautifully and I eliminated the deadbeats. Then I expanded that requirement to all of my regular services and I have been enjoying the best volume and quality in my practice. I think that there is no need for anything like Angies List. There is plenty of free info and opinions out there. The only people I accept opinions from are people that I know and trust in the first place.