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Yay Me! Free iPhone from the Lijit "Totally Arbitrary iPhone Giveaway"

lijit is a pretty awesome company. I've written about them and potential implications and other uses of lijit in the past, but I just have to write more about them today :)

Here is my unveiling of their package:

I cut open the package immediately (note the MTV Spain book - I'm going to Barcelona Drupalcon)
Inside the box on top was this nice envelop with my name. Indeed, the package was from lijit and personalized to me :)
Inside the envelope inside the box were some nice stickers and a nice shirt and a nice letter.
See, nice shirt! Remember Drupalcon? This shirt is now in my Drupalcon wardrobe :)
See, nice letter!
But under the envelope was one more box:
And in that box was perhaps the nicest part:


The letter said:


Congratulations on being the first recipient of our "Totally Arbitrary iPhone Giveaway." You've been a Lijit user for over a year now and we appreciate you. In addition your username, greggles, gives a few of us the giggles when we see it. Have fun with your new toy and thanks again for being Lijit.

{signed Tara Anderson}

This is really awesome. I've been enjoying the lijit wijit here on my blog for several months now.

So, my advice to you? Give lijit a shot on your big fancy blog and as a way to promote the content you like via a personalized search - I guarantee you'll get a good value from their service and maybe, if your planets align, you'll get yourself a Totally Arbitrary iPhone and you'll be a really happy person.

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i wish i can also win an

i wish i can also win an is my dream..i go to the shops and look at the iphone and wish i could own it but it is to expensive and i cannot afford it :(


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too lejit

I came to your post with a marketing agenda, but this is just too lejit.