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Touring Breweries in Fort Collins

We went up to Fort Collins this weekend and had a great time. Here are some tips to make your trip up there even better:

1. get tickets to New Belgium early

We started the day with lunch at coopersmiths. Good food, good beer. Not bad. Unfortunately, we should have started the day around 11:30 at New Belgium getting tickets for the afternoon tours. Then we could have gone to lunch and then O'Dells and finished at New Belgium.

As it was, we took the "self-guided" tour of New Belgium, which was great, but not as good as a full tour.

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Buenos Aires Microbrews - Argentine Artesenal

I've been in Argentina for almost two months and finally found some decent beers. Quilmes and Brahma and friends are, frankly, not going to cut it for me.

Buller Brewing Company

The first place that was recommended to me was Buller Brewing Company (ratebeer review) which turned out to be pretty good. They have a selection of about 8 beers which were all decent, though none were really amazing. The dry stout was probably the best variety that they had. I went to the location near Recoleta cemetery which of course is a nice tourist area on its own.

Cossab Cerveza Artesanal

In a non touristy location is Cossab - at Carlos Calvo 4199 - which is just a standard corner bar which happens to serve hundreds of local and international beers. The international selection is dominated by Dutch/Belgian varieties and a few standards (Guinnes - duh). In addition to great beers, Cossab also has quite good food including a Wednesday Night "Pizza Libre" night where "Libre" means all you can eat instead of just "free". For 10 Pesos, it's a good deal.

Bangalore Indian Restaurant - Stone IPA (cask style)

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North Star Brewery - a Brewpub for Denver's East Highlands

I went to the North Star Restaurant and Brewery last night and had a pretty good time. They just opened up a few months ago after having a bit of a hard time getting their licenses agreed to by the neighborhood. Congratulations to them on persevering and turning a basically dead corner property into an anchor for a small commercial strip. This area of Denver is really growing and it's great to see.

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