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Denver Critical Mass Covered in Westword

This past weekend while I was out of town, the several bicyclists in the Denver Critical Mass ride got into a bit of trouble with the police. It's a little frustrating, as one rider pointed out, that 75,000 protestors blocking major roads in Denver had no problem, but a group of ~100 bicyclists exercising their right to be on the road got tickets.

Without further discussion - Westword's take on the subject

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Advice for small ISVs and Scumbucket Investment Bankers

I stumbled upon this article yesterday and it's a good read. Basically, Eric Sink, who founded a small ISV (Independent Software Vendor) writes about life as a small ISV and why you should make lots of mistakes, just not any fatal mistakes. ISV's are small to medium businesses - maybe somewhere between 2 and 200 people and they create applications to sell to other people.

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The Optimist Effect OR Shit Rolls Downhill Sunlight Shines Up

So, I was reading this internal memo from SGI about some problems they had with a new release of software that was slower and had all sorts of problems.

There's some great insight in it, though it is long. Then I got to this part:

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delicious "thai" peanut sauce

This is a delicious peanut sauce. I can't really say that it fits a particular cultural style, but it is a blend of various different recipes and most closely resembles a "Thai Satay" sauce.

peanut sauce
soy sauce
peanut butter
coconut milk (optional)
curry paste (optional)
cilantro (optional)
garlic (optional)
onion (optional)
brown sugar (optional)
hot sauce to taste

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