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My New Acting Career - iShares Commercial

This was a really cool thing. As an individual investor, I believe in iShares from a financial perspective. They are low fee highly efficient ways for individuals to invest wisely. So, when they called me to be in a commercial about iShares I was really excited. The commercial finally made it to YouTube (I stand up at 37 seconds into the video and then walk on a red carpet for a few seconds):

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Sweet Potato Khir - A Sweet Dessert Soup Recipe

I made this for a dinner with some friends and they loved it. Khir is a traditional dessert from India. This definitely went well as the dessert for chicken masala.

Ingredients for Sweet Potato Khir

1 pinch saffron
8 cups plus 1 tablespoon milk
1/2 cup ghee
2 cups sweet potatoes, finely grated
1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
1 cup sugar

are programmers / men really this predictable

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Seen browsing today.

I see two apparent assumptions in this:

1 - people interested in installing open source bug tracking software are primarily male.

2 - those males, when looking for a hosted project planning software from a Microsoft partner, are best attracted with a semi-nude woman.

Really? So sad. So sad.

IKEA Denver (or just Colorado) Finally To Be Announced

According to IKEA is finally coming to Colorado!

My Past Discussions of IKEA Colorado

I've written about this in the past and become somewhat of a rumor hound on the subject:

Often the comments on those posts are more interesting than the posts themselves...

I'll post an update comment on Wednesday after the real announcement.

Edit: Ikea Centennial

According to a comment I just received it will be in Centennial, Colorado. Centennial just recently incorporated into a city as expansion has grown south of Denver. I guess this makes sense since that area of colorado (Douglas County, southern Jefferson County) has been the fastest growing area in Colorado and one of the fastest in the nation for the last few years. I imagined they would put it north of Denver because my perception is that IKEA is popular with college students and the CU/CSU combination in Boulder/Fort Collins is the center of our college population.

And more sources are identifying it as coming to centennial.

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